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Sunday, September 2, 2018

It needs to be said, again and again

Folks, there are some stories that we just want to read over and over again.  The article regarding Steven Ziaja today was one of those articles.  We can bet that Steven Ziaja was in Title Mart up to his eyeballs.  That means that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Alyssa Franklin, and Bones Wilson were most likely deeper into the Title Mart business that we currently know.

We can't leave John Vinegoni and Greg Steenson out of the mix either.  This was a get rich quick scam that cheated a lot of poor people out of their hard-earned money.  Many of the investors did not declare to the bankruptcy court that they had invested money.  Some of the folks according to Greg Steenson's spreadsheets should have gotten a 45 percent return on their investments.  People such as Sheriff Ana Franklin.  What dirty rotten criminals they are.

The one thing that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Blake Robinson, Greg Steenson, and Bones Wilson wanted you to think when some of this stuff was coming to light was that the whistleblower was just a crazy old woman.  Nobody would believe the crazy woman was doing more than avenging the death of her son. Not so.  We began commenting on the MCSO's misdeeds in 2014, long before the passing of the whistleblower's son.  It had to do with other stupid moves that Franklin orchestrated such as false arrests, harassment, stalking, etc.  Franklin has never been about the people, for the people, and with the people since the day she was sworn into office by her sidekick Judge Jennifer Howell.  She has been there for herself, Bones, and Blake.  We believe firmly that the plan from the get-go was to ride the county of the "old" and begin with the new blood, blood that they wanted to handpick.

We knew a lot during the 2014 campaign but at that point, nobody was willing to believe that Sweet Polly Pure Bread could do anything wrong.  It's chilling to think they could have gotten away with it had they not been so blatantly obvious, so arrogant, so certain that they were invisible to a largely uncaring electorate.  It's as if they watched The Godfather too many times.

With each passing day, we believe that Sheriff Franklin comes closer to facing her actions as the Sheriff of Morgan County.  Franklin's claims in the past were words such as I will never to arrested or charged in Alabama.  A lot has changed since way back then.  The hurt she has inflicted so casually and callously on others, the citizenry, MCSO employees, a family down south, and that doesn't even include the money, lies, and deception.  However, it does include stealing from the MCSO non-profit efforts for the special needs.  They committed crimes, yes, but stealing from the helpless and needy is a sin.  They will pay for that in the hereafter after they've paid for their crimes in the 'now'.

It is unfortunate that Sheriff Franklin is taking so many of her followers down with her.  We hope none of them get a sweet deal like Hubbard did.  We believe that Hubbard can't hold a candle to Sheriff Ana Franklin.  We want to see the real effects of what Sheriff Ana Franklin has taken from the MCSO.  We are not talking about money alone.

The past seven years Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Steven Ziaja have left their mark on our county.

We hope one day to see each of these greedy criminals convicted of their crimes.  The same as with Steven Ziaja.  The golden boy of Cole Springs where he was born and raised.  The locals have stood by Ziaja through thick and thin only as Christians can do.  Needless to say, they are not very fond of the whistleblower nor is their pastor.  More on that later.

It's funny how some folks will accept the criminal acts of those in positions of power but condemn the regular Joe who spent time in jail.  We hope that Steven Ziaja, Ana Franklin, and others get an opportunity to sit back and reflect.  Even if they do they will still be blaming someone else for their troubles.  What a shame.


  1. So many need this all to happen already. Quit letting Ana use taxpayer money and her undeserved title of Sheriff for her legal defense. She is a criminal. Her and her gaggle of goons need to be removed ASAP so the Sheriffs Office can regain the trust of our citizens again.

  2. Who else is ready to watch Ana and her gang members to take the Perp walk?

  3. Just like some people could still stand by Hillary's side after being shown proof of all the crimes she committed then some will still be dumb enough to stand by Ana's side as well

  4. We need a list of all those that need to be gone from the Sheriff's Office. Just a simple list, its hard to keep up with all the nicknames. Puckett will be cleaning house, let's help him know who needs to go!