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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Gene Mitchell Another Sheriff Whose Lips Are Moving

Blogger Comments:  Folks, it's exciting to read many of the statements some of the sheriffs give the press.  We know that Sheriff Ana Franklin has told her share of lies about inmate food money.  We also have another sheriff who is flapping his lips.  In an interview with the Daily February 18, 2018, he tells the Times shortfalls are not unusual in the jail food funds.  He also says you have to be very aggressive in how you buy your food.  We would like to remind Sheriff Mitchell of a recent interview he did with the Daily.  He said that he receives about 80K from the inmate food funds.  Which is about normal.   

If 80K is the norm then approximately $960,000.00 was available for the taking during his tenure.  Did Sheriff Gene Mitchell take that much money?  That amount of money would go a long way in improving the jail, even squeezing enough money out of the jail funds to adequately feed the inmates, and building on to the jail.  There seems to be enough BS going on with some of these sheriffs that each one of them who has taken inmate food funds should be required to undergo a forensic audit of all their accounts.

We encourage Sheriff Gene Mitchell to keep the comments flowing.

As promised.  Tomorrow we will be posting some of the information we received from Billable Barney Lovelace under the Alabama Open Record Act during the campaign for sheriff in 2014.  The only reason this information was not seized along with our hard copy records is that we had them stored electronically outside of our network.  The first set of documents is the Jail Store Account.

It will make you wonder why all of a sudden this information is not releasable under the Alabama Open Records System.  The documents are public domain information.  

There's more to come of the Colonel (Gene Mitchell) and the Special Service Group or as they called it the SSG.

Officials disagree on statewide jail food solution


Even under the current system, in which sheriffs have a personal incentive to minimize food costs, shortfalls are not unusual, said Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell. He points out that the Morgan County Jail, unlike most jails in the state, has federal prisoners who bring with them a higher food allowance.
“We get $1.75 per prisoner per day,” Mitchell said. “We provide three meals a day for that. It’s tough. You’ve got to be very aggressive in how you buy and where you buy. In this part of the country, you get a lot of chicken you can buy at a reduced price.”


  1. I bet Sheriffs statewide are really wishing Ana would walk away so some of the heat that she has caused will stop. Ana Franklin the hero who put an end to all the corruption statewide. All you Sheriffs try to hide or fix the mistakes made in your economic interest forms and catch up on the taxes you should have paid. Maybe Ana can sell her goodies and help you all pay your way out of trouble since she is the hero in this. The big bad Alabama Sheriffs Association wasn’t as big and bad as they thought were they. NEXT!.............

  2. Mitchell has a history with truthfulness especially if he is under oath, guess that is why he didn't show for his lawsuit the daily brought against him, sent a captain so he would not have to testify under oath. Right Sheriff?

    1. Has a history with UNtruthfulness. That's why B.L. calls him the silver tongue devil!!!

  3. Mitchell, why do you never mention what the towns pay you? You keep on and on about this $1.75 but you don't breath a word about the $5.00 per day the five towns pay per inmate or how you charge towns and state for meals the prisoner does not eat. Does the 80 thousand per year you make just off state or does it include the profit you make off cities? Come clean Colonel!

  4. Silver tongue devil struck on his first day in office, said he would not hire his brothers. One, Kenneth is chief deputy/colonel and the other Curtis is a captain at courthouse, Mr mitchell is there a higher rank in the sheriff's office than colonel and captain? Answer is no. So that means the two brothers he said he would not hire occupy the two highest paid positions in sheriff's office, counting him the mitchell brothers are top 3, that's a lot of county money going to mitchells, plus jail food money.

  5. Clean Gene, why do they call you that in Talladega? Why did you quit at Talladega clean gene? Why did you leave (quit or /get fired) at DPS Colonel SSG (secret police force/brown shirts)? So many questions about clean genes past that need to be answered, let the answers roll whistleblower...

  6. Sturmabteilung, DPS from Jan 1995 thru April 1996? SSG/BROWN SHIRTS? How long has it all been about the money? Quit hiding and answer the questions.

  7. How many Lawrence countyians remember being told in 2006 by Mr. Mitchell he would only serve one term if elected? Well now at age 76 he is seeking term four. That will put him at over 80 at the end IF relented? Maybe he should just be honest and do what he says he is going to do, just another to add to the long list of issues that Mitchell said one thing and did another. Some folks call that lying!

  8. 80 years old, I guess when you and the local media use 10 and 12 year old photos in campaign material and news reports it helps to make you look younger. Mr. Mitchell is using 10 and 12 year old photos in your campaign material being honest with the voters or is it a form of deception?

  9. In article in decatur daily back in may gene mitchell did not know his age, he mislead the paper indicating he was around 70, the same age as his opponent. Did he really not know he was 76 years old? Or again is he intentionally misleading the people of lawrence county. Using 10 year old photos, lying about his age, what is up with all this disception? The daily corrected in a later article after they were provided proof of his age. So let me get this right, first he wants us to believe he does not know how old he is (76), second he says he is breaking even or losing money on feeding inmates and then within a couple of months says he is making 80,000.00 a year off food money. His his intentionally misleading us or why can he not not remember these things only to remember at other times should we be concerned about this with such a serious position he is in? Managing a 3 million dollar budget but does not know the numbers or what he is making on jail food, according to him.