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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Feeling the preasure

Steven Ziaja aka Booger is headed to court in a little over a month on 15 felony charges.  So! Why would that bother Sheriff Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell?  Most likely they believed they could do anything they wanted to do because Ana has "people in high places" looking out for her.  We don't know if she does or not.  Big Luther Strange is gone, Governor Bentley is gone, Ed Henry is under investigation, Mickey Hammond is gone, and she dropped Booger like a hot potato.

Booger had it made.  Owned everything he has/had outright.  Smooth talking Ana got the best of him.  Now Booger is facing 15 criminal offenses.  Booger got involved with Ana and Greg Steenson and they must have believed that could get away with pretending to sell Priceville Partners, purchase items never paid for, or take long vacations without anybody noticing.  If anyone did notice they could circle the wagons and blame it all on Jeffreys and come out smelling like a rose.

Booger once commented on FB how beautiful the sheriff's brown eyes are.  Little did he know what they were filled with. 

Now sitting and waiting day after day, month after month wondering what's going to happen next.  When will it be my time?  How many charges will I be hit with?  Who is going to stand beside me and not behind me?  One thing you can usually count on is that your family will stand beside you.  Most of the citizens, past and present MCSO employees are over it. 

Using young people to do your dirty deeds and then threatening them is dirty and underhanded.  Did you care when you did it?  No, you didn't.  You wanted to keep your little honey pot going for four more years.

All of you had a nice ride, you controlled the county, inserted yourselves into the metropolitan area of our county.  You took over, you pushed folks around, you pushed your employees around.  You, Sheriff Franklin, lost EEO complaints and treated many of the people of color in a manner you would not want to be treated.  Just look at what you, Blake, Bones, and Powell did to Warden Leon Bradley.

We hear some of you put on a good face while others pace from window to window.  Surely you wonder what your best buddies told investigators.  You want to ask but you know you can't that would be as bad as Bones and Blake watching to see who was talking to the folks across the river?  Then you guys have the nerve to challenge those who did the right thing.  If you only knew the numbers who ratted you out, your thinning hair would be gone by now.  That will come all in good time.  Until the time comes to continue to console one another.

We use humor in the blog because without it we could not stomach the things the few bad apples that run our local sheriffs department have done.  How many charges will they rack up?  Nobody has busted their doors down, gone through and taken their computers, files, and personal information to include family death certificates.  So far the best thing that has happened to them is the tongue lashing they received from Judge Thompson and the Acquittal of Warden Leon Bradley.

Do you think it bothered these sorry rascals that they got an illegal warrant for Warden Bradley's home and seized all kind of personal items and have never returned them?  The sheriff, Bones, and Blake had one thing in mind during those search and seizures.  They were desperate to shut the whistleblowers up.  We were getting too close.  We knew too much.  These dirty cops were involved with Greg Steenson and his schemes and they had to shut us up.  Same with Billable Barney Lovelace who while grandstanding during some of the bankruptcy proceedings demanded to know if Glenda Lockhart was the whistleblower.  These actions along with blackmailing a grandson, and telling people you would get the whistleblower, that the whistleblower may keep you from running for reelection but it will cost the whistleblower.

We hear that you are not the only ones who may have a problem with minority employees.  What is wrong with you folks?  The same goes for Sheriff Gene Mitchell in Lawrence County.  He was forced to take the money.  Of course, he was.  Some poor clerk in Lawrence County took it upon themselves to write Mitchell a check out of the inmate food funds and then stamped it on the back "FOR DEPOSIT ONLY" into Sheriff Mitchell's personal bank account.  He may have paid taxes on the money each year but it seems as if he forgot to claim it as income. 

There has been a tremendous cost and great loved ones lost along the path we have taken.  The cost?  I will give you that one.  But you folks would have to know what love, compassion, honesty, humanity, and downright decency is to understand the loss.  Even now as you await what some of your attorneys say is ongoing investigations against you-you will never come to terms with what you have done.  It will always be someone else fault.


  1. I know for a fact the vast majority of the Deputies did the right thing. The jailers not so much. But the sworn law enforcement stayed true to their oath and did not perjure themselves like Ana, Bones, Blake and Jailer JP. Wonder if the Berzetts or Ron Livingston lied to the Feds? Time will tell. Will they fall like leaves from the trees in the fall? There was some court house security people who were very useful also. Good on all who did the right thing. The fruits of your labor will be known but your individual efforts may likely never be realized by most.

  2. I would not waste my time commenting on blog Rick. She throws good folks under bus.

  3. Your words mean nothing trust me.

  4. Neither do hers trust me

  5. As long as you get your job back All is good.

  6. Bragging to my times. Every other newspaper. You could not hold a candle to what my hubby did. I am disgusted the way this has all unfolded