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Monday, September 17, 2018

Deputies Shooting Deputies

Morgan deputy shot by Morgan deputy

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  • A Morgan County sheriff's deputy was shot in the jaw with a baton round by another deputy at the Sheriff's Office in downtown Decatur on Sept. 6, Sheriff Ana Franklin confirmed today.
    Deputy Zac Dockery was shot by Deputy Mike Whittle, according to Franklin. She said Dockery was transported to the hospital and released the same day. A baton round is ammunition designed to be non-lethal, typically a bean bag. Sub-lethal is a better descriptor. From a manufacturer, this quote: ALL LESS LETHAL AMMO HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE FATAL.  NEVER USE LESS LETHAL AMMO AS A JOKE OR PRANK.  EVEN A BLANK HAS THE ABILITY TO HARM OR KILL!!!!
    Franklin said Whittle received a write-up and three days off without pay. Deputy Joey Coburn was present at the time of the shooting, and both Coburn and Whittle have been required to attend safety classes on their own time, Franklin said.
    She also said, in a text sent from somewhere:  "New policy is being put in place that all less lethal (rounds) are to be stored in open 'safe' storage now so that it is clearly seen as unloaded,"
    Policies.  Oh yes where have we heard that before?  Since Day 1 of Ana's reign, the policies are in draft, the Bartlett policies are trashed, policies are being staffed, we've hired a policy writer, Polices?  We don't need no stinkin' policies!
    Training, she said.  And she's right.  These deputies need training, training that can't be funded because of Ana's "travels".
    And all this happened on September 6th and we're just now hearing about it?   This is serious stuff, untrained deputies messing about with weaponry capable of killing, no policy in place.  How serious are Dockery's injuries?   Is he back to work?  Ana doesn't know, she says.  How can she know?  She's probably not even in town.  "Management by Text"?
    One more thing.  Weren't any of these guys ever in the army or take a hunter/safety class? Even Beatle Bailey knows the drill.  Assume it's loaded.  Once you pick it up, clear it!
    Ron, you have a helluva job waiting on you.  

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