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Friday, September 21, 2018

Crying Foul - Arrogance - Privilege and Ana

Ed Henry 'awash in sea of paper' in Medicare fraud prosecution


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“The government should not be permitted to bury Ed Henry in a sea of documents which are largely irrelevant so that it can surprise him at trial with the relevant documents on which its alleged charges are based,” Pulliam said in the motion filed with the court.

Blogger Comments:  Folks what is it about white collar politicians crying foul?  We are everyday citizens.  Can you imagine what would happen to us, me and you if we get caught up in a legal battle with the government?  We have the burden of proof of proving our innocents.  The state has the burden of proof of proving our guilt.

Ed Henry is charged with serious offenses.  The government turns over evidence to the attorney for the indictment against Henry and the attorney complains.  The attorney should greatly appreciate the government's willingness to share their information.  We know of multiple incidents where that didn't happen. Where dispatch records are so chopped up that they could not be used.  It's called tampering with evidence but does that matter if a sheriff does it?

We do not care if politicians are Republican, Democrat, Independent, and we may need to add Socialist as well.  Listening to the news over the past few days involving the Kavanaugh proceedings a lady has come forward alleging that Judge Kavanaugh tried to harm her sexually when she was 15 and he was 17 years old.  The lady is making all kind of demands such as she will go before the judicial committee but only if Judge Kavanaugh is not in the room and that no attorneys question her.  What is wrong with these people.  That doesn't follow the guidelines of the law.  Plain and simple it is called feeling privileged.  'This is a law doesn't apply to me mentality, this is my story and if you want it you must do what I say mentality.'  

We see the same mentality in sheriff Ana Franklin.  We heard recently that Sheriff Franklin was overheard saying that she refuses to accept a felony on any potential charges.  She will only accept a misdemeanor.  What the heck?  Who does that?  An arrogant woman who has boasted that she will never go to jail. Don't you know who I am?  Franklin even told an informant that you don't know who I know.  Would you like for me to get him on the phone?

Sheriff Franklin is as arrogant as they come.  In the event that she is ever arrested and we mean EVER you can bet that she will not take responsibility for the actions.  It's interesting that Ed Henry was arrested and charged for his crimes while Franklin sits back boasting she will not be arrested.  We must ask if it because she is a female?  Who she knows?  If it is because of her political affiliation, or is she just nuts?  Henry is accused of Fraud against a Federal Agency.  We believe that Franklin's actions are against private business, citizens, abuse of power, tampering with computers, keylogger software, and much more.  Shouldn't that be important?  We are not big government.  

Let's not forget the 49 sheriffs plus Sheriff Franklin who have been taking inmate food funds for years.  Folks, we are talking about millions of dollars.  Federal, State, local funds, and citizens funds with no accountability.  Millions of dollars from the inmates that they arrested and placed in their jails.  The sheriffs skimmed money from the inmate food funds to pad their pockets.  We hear that Entriken is under state and federal investigation.   Let's see how that works out for a male sheriff in trouble vice a female sheriff.  You know sheriff Ana Franklin as some guts to hand off a note to Vice President Pence.  Had that been me or you the secret service would have downed us in place!

What about the Statements of Economic Interest.  Are politicians accountable for those?  It will be interesting to see what if any consequences Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Justin Powell, Blake Robinson, and others receive for the hell they put Morgan County citizens and a business through.  Not to mention the misuse of MCSO funds.  

  1. having special rights, advantages, or immunities.

    "in the nineteenth century, only a privileged few had the vote"

    • having the rare opportunity to do something that brings particular pleasure.

      "I felt I had been privileged to compete in such a race"
    • (of information) legally protected from being made public.

      "the intelligence reports are privileged"

      synonyms:confidentialprivatesecretrestrictedclassified, not for publication, off the record, inside;
      "privileged information"

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