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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Calm Down

Folks everyone needs to calm down.  If we had a knee-jerk reaction every time we heard a rumor or we got frustrated because we heard rumors such as its time.  It's really really time the sheriff is going to be arrested any time.  We have heard this rumor more in the past two weeks than ever before.  What if Franklin and her goons only get a slap on the wrist?  What if Franklin is not charged with any wrongdoing?  What if all her bragging comes true? 

One way or another we must handle it.  Unlike the Sumpter County Sheriff Ana is white, female, and a Republican.  Those things shouldn't matter but what if they do?

No matter what the outcome we must be adult enough to handle the outcome. 

Isn't it enough that she has been caught red-handed in the things she did involving the Performance Auto Sales?  Isn't it enough that she was caught red-handed doing dirty and illegal deeds to the whistleblower and Warden Leon Bradley? 

Folks face the fact.  Ana may walk.  She has been bragging that she refuses to accept a felony charge.  How about that?  I refuse to accept a felony.  Could you imagine how far that would get any of us in a court of law?

Not all punishment is served on earth.  We can accept that.  It doesn't matter that we have taped communications that she will break the whistleblower.  It doesn't matter that a judge found Ana and her goons at fault in a court of law.

We must continue to sit back and be patient.  What is important is that the folks of Morgan County know what we got when sheriff Ana Franklin was voted into office.  Not just once but twice.

Lord, if the rumors were right Ana would have been arrested at least a hundred times or more. 

Let's sit back and wait to see what happens.  If nothing else this is a better soap opera than we have ever watched on TV. 

Resign Ana.  That is what you claimed is about to happen.  We will believe it when we see it.  We also hear that you plan on a press conference.  It will most likely be about the new vehicles you purchased.  Big hairy deal.  The deputies have been treated like second-class citizens since you took office do you really think you can buy loyalty with a few new vehicles?

We will just sit back and wait to see what happens next.  We have people to desperate to share the rumors that have circulated over the past two weeks.  No can do.  We just as soon sit back, drink coffee, watch, and listen for those in power to break the news.  Either way.  It doesn't affect us.  Again.  It's all about Ana


  1. You must be kidding. Ana is as guilty as sin. Ana, Bones, Blake, the Berzett’s, Godwin’s and JP cannot get away with the crimes they committed and you want us to calm down?

  2. Rumor in the jail is that Ana is resigning, Ron is taking over and she is being charged. I hope she doesn’t get away with the shit she’s done. Ana is far more confident than I would be in her position. She has walked through all kinds of shit and comes out smelling like a rose every time.

    1. That's not confidence. That's called arrogance, denial, and ignorance.

  3. Ron taking over!?!?!? Hilarious ! My sides hurt from laughing. Ron Livingston has a jail cell with his name on it. The coroner will take over. Alabama law requires it. Ron is wishful thinking. He and Larry are both on their way to jail. Only question is who gets the cuffs first! Game over for the lot of them. Ron Livingston is absolutely in the mix of those who are considered the corrupt goons and have committed numerous crimes.

    1. Ron Puckett will take over after the Governor appoints him to relieve Jeff Chunn. Both men will do an outstanding job. Jeff Chunn may clean house and Ron Puckett come in with no need to kick anyone to the curb. I bet that although Jeff Chunn will be the Sheriff, he will work directly with Ron Puckett till Sheriff Puckett takes over. Surely Ron mentioned above is not the appointed Captain Ron Livingston that Ana brought on. He never made an arrest as an employee of the Sheriffs Office.

  4. Calming is the relief everyone has knowing these low life goons who are scurrying to get out any way they can will be gone with Ana. And they think they are the stuff even still. Sheriffs Office freed from the grips of self indulgent corrupt goons. We are all ears Ana let us all hear the last roar of spin and pitty party as you go away defeated by your own corrupt ambition and greed.

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