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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Billable Barney Lovelace and Soon to be Ex Sheriff Ana Franklin Claim Victory - Wait a Minute - Are These Two Nuts?

Blogger Comments:  Folks only Billable Barney and Sheriff Ana Franklin could claim a victory based on Federal Judge Abdul K. Kallon's ruling in the 22 year old consent decree.  Did Billable Barney and Sheriff Ana Franklin forget the Contemp of Court ruling that Judge Kallon slapped on Franklin for taking inmate food funds?

How can Billable Barns and Sheriff Ana Franklin declare a victory?  How can they hold their heads up?  Do you realize that neither one of them mentioned the treatment of the mentally ill?  Judge Kallon goes on to express the dangers of taking inmate off of certain drugs.  Franklin claims that they are monitored very carefully.  Sure they are.  By the way, we have Ocean Front Property For Sale in Arizona.  Talk about missing the big picture.  

We also believe that sheriff Franklin is hiding a dirty little secret that went from the Morgan County jail to the Marshall County jail, and then to Kilbey.  Ask Ana how that worked out for her.  A lot more on that story later.  

These two have a major screw loose.  It sounds like ole Billable and  Franklin missed the significant issues surrounding Judge Kallon's ruling.  These two must suffer from no ethicidize (no system of moral principles), immoralidize (lack of ability to conform to accepted standards of morality.), and no senseatal ( having no sense stupid pathetic people).

According to Billable Barney “Sheriff Franklin is the first sheriff in 22 years to not be subject to the supervision of the federal courts,” Lovelace said of the sheriff, who will leave office in January. That is a great accomplishment and will save the county a significant amount of money in the future.”

Billable is right about one thing removing the consent decree will save the county money.  As for giving Franklin any credit, it all is outrageous.  Sheriff Franklin took money that did not belong to her.  Remember the Contempt of Court ruling Barnes?  Of course not.  Sheriff Ana Franklin even bragged about how she won that issue.  Think back what has Sheriff Franklin done?  She has almost destroyed the fabric of the MCSO.  To get the gist of Judge Kallon's ruling you need to read his order about the serious concerns for inmates with mental illness that; the MCSO was providing substandard mental health care, he also said according to the Daily that "Going forward, they may be liable for failing to ensure that persons with mental illness in their custody receive adequate assessment and treatment."

The daily lays out a very good synopsis of Judge Kallon's ruling, in addition, they also provided Judge Kallon's ruling.  Both the Daily and the ruling are must reads. 

Ana, the only thing that saved your butt is that the judge couldn't prove you acted intentionally.  But we all know your intentions.  Sick.

Judge ends Morgan jail oversight, says mentally ill inmates at 'substantial risk'

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Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin walks with her attorney, Barney Lovelace, after an April hearing in which she challenged provisions of a 2001 consent decree. A ruling last week ended judicial oversight of the jail. [JERONIMO NISA/DECATUR DAILY FILE]


  1. Ana, get the hell out of Morgan County. We have had all of you and goons we can take.

  2. And to think Barney wanted to be the county attorney. Corruption and complete disregard for moral and ethical behavior only to fuel their own greed is more than evident. Someone stop these people somehow already. Enough is enough!

  3. And time is all but up now. Wait what was that noise? Wait who is that at the door? Was that lights in my driveway? Are they coming to get me? Should I run or have a showdown on the front steps of the Sheriffs Office? Maybe I will go have the showdown on the steps of the FBI since we like to snoop over there so much.

  4. What we going to do Barney? Who do we get to take the fall? Who do we set up? Who do we scam? The Feds and IRS will never know. I will never go to jail in this state. Don’t worry guys Momma Ana has it all figured out.

  5. So many thought that they were the the stuff and untouchable yet now they are facing incarceration. There misguided hopes and imagination brought them to a point far from reality and they destroyed their futures for a life of crime. For some they should have known a life of crime does not pay in the end. After years of incarceration what is a fired criminal cop to do? Will there families still be there? Will the fruits of their lawlessness still be there to be had? For some it will be like life sentences. For some after years they will be set free. Will all those who will loose their careers and serve time blame others and play victim or accept responsibility for the criminal corruption? Are these guys and gals proud of the pain and suffering inflicted on the innocent? Are these thugs proud that they became big enough criminals that their children will be able to google them and see the organized crime and racketeering they did as dirty cops? Who will visit them while they are incarcerated? Will family and friends or their victims? Accountablity is coming and major changes are on the way! How many at the Sheriffs Office will no longer be there? How many family members go with Ana? How many lame followers who did not have the moral and ethical character to stay true to their oaths, will go with Ana? Those that Ana brought in who were treated like real law enforcement who were not will be treated like real law enforcement who went dirty while they are serving their time in the penitentiary. No cowboy hats or gas stations to shut down there. All the good ole boy promotions made by Ana that are now in jeopardy. Put in places of authority because you are willing to turn a blind eye to criminal behaviors is not the practices of true law enforcement professionals. Some good people turned bad but none the less they crossed the line and now will beg and grovel to keep what they have as the scurry for position in the vacuum left by the mass exodus of people who are forced out or know they will go as Ana and her goons are finally removed. Long awaited changes are here as the truth is uncovered and known more every day now. And yet without doing a lick of real work many of these people are as of today still getting pay and benifits they do not earn or deserve. Sad times for many to include our county and state but hope for the future. Make Morgan County Great Again.