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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Arrogant To The End - Yeah, We Are Talking About Ana Again

Folks, Ana must have been arrogant for most of her life.  Looking back over the last few years it is obvious to us that the only person who seemed important in Ana's life is Ana.  It's always been all about Ana.  What Ana wants, Ana gets. 

What about the hardworking employees who have suffered through years of tantrums?  Years of being cursed, years of little to no training, no equipment, and no updated vehicles to patrol and keep our roads and neighborhood safe.  The only persons who received the best of the best wereAna's buddies.

For years Ana has boasted about how important she is and those she knows in high places.  That may be true but if it were why would Ana being handing off notes to our Vice President if she is all-powerful? 

We have no doubt that Ana has met and shaken hands with a lot of people we could only dream of meeting.  That doesn't mean anything other than a handshake.  We were honored to shake the hand of Congressman Moe Brooks, Huntsville City Mayor Tommy Battle, and Ron Puckett at functions.  That is big enough for us.  We do not have the bragging rights Ana has but if we did we sure wouldn't have to slip notes into their hand.  How disrespectful and childish that was.  That, my friends, is a desperate woman, not a smart woman knowing people in HIGH places.  What a dishonor to the men and women in DC who were there to represent their state.  Ana should resign.  Ana disgraced not only our state with her foolish handoff, but she also embarrassed her family and the MCSO employees.  A mighty desperate woman.  She still says she is not going to jail.  Maybe, Maybe not time will tell. 

What is justice? You can imagine how the whistleblower and Warden Bradley feels about being fair.  We may never see what a lot of people believe should happen.  If that occurs there is only one thing we can do and that is to salute and execute which means that investigative agencies did there best and a fantastic job it has been. 

We will wait and see what happens.  We hope justice will be served but we have no control of any of that.  We are sure it will be one way or the other.  Governor Ivey is certainly determined to keep inmate food funds from less than honest sheriffs.  That alone is not why Ana and her goons lied to a judge to get an illegal search warrant for the whistleblower office and Warden Bradley's house.  We were too close.  Too close to finding out a lot of things she didn't want to be disclosed.

Meanwhile, here's Ana with that same ol' song and dance.


  1. My God, what does it take to rid her ass? She has been on the news, media, internet of being a crooked sheriff. She is the worst thieving, lying, conniving criminal sheriff that has ever been elected. Why is she still here???? How long will it take? The sheriff's office is getting bled dry of all funds because she is still in office. Unbelievable.

  2. So, I have an opinion. It seems she's letting that hair fly a bit more dramatically in the face of prison. She better enjoy it because she won't have the money to induce denial. She will be sober and hung out to dry...and she knows it!!!

    1. Oh and Ana...don't forget to look the part when you clean the mcso know like a hypocrite when you wined and cried about Bartlett leaving you anything. At least he spent it toward the mcso after his day in jail. There is a difference between you and he. You will never learn from your mistakes! Bartlett did and is still a great man, because he LEARNED. What s the opposite of learn? Denial!

  3. Contact the guys on 4chan or 8chan they can provide you info on the Sheriff if she's doing illegal things. These guys are brilliant and can find anything. If they know it's for a good cause they will do it; otherwise it's against the law- called Dox'ing . Just send a Tweet on Twitter and use #4Chan or #8Chan or #Qanon hash tag and someone will probably look into it.

  4. Or I'll let you in on a secret hacker tool. You can attack the SubSeven trojan virus to anything like an image/picture and send it to her. If you can get her to click it you have full access to her machine and can do anything. Search for the SubSeven or maybe Sub7 trojan and read about how to use it; I used it on a friend and turned his computer on at 2am and turned his microphone on and listened to his wife yell at him to turn off the computer, funny prank. I could do anything to his pc and he had no idea who did it. Of course I'm just providing publicly available info on the internet this isn't illegal but if you use the virus it might be illegal so be careful