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Friday, September 21, 2018

A long hard road - So why did Ana lie

Folks the Decatur Daily ran a story about sheriff office employee Deputy Zack Dockery who was shot in the face by Narcotics Agent Whittle "by accident".  Nobody was notified of the shooting.  Maybe it was because it wasn't important to Ana.

She did not report the fact that Dockery was in the Jail for two days punishment and that Joey Coburn had been working in the jail for three weeks because they refused to write a complaint the way the powers that be wanted.

If you recall Ana made the statement to the Decatur Daily that she believe that Dockery was already back at work.

Folks we understand that Dockery has a long road ahead of him.  We hear that he suffered a shattered jaw and that his jaws are wired together.  Why wasn't there an internal investigation, where was ABI, why did Ana demand that nobody speaks of the incident?  How did this incident happen in the SO?  Doesn't narcotics have their own weapons room?  Is Whittle so incompetent with a weapon that he accidentally shoots a fellow officer?  Why was he in the SO instead of the Narcotics building playing with his weapon?  Did you know that safety training for the SO is voluntarily and that employees decide to go to training?  Will the training be documented?  Will Whittle receive three days punishment w/or without pay?  Last but not least why wasn't Whittle fired?

What we remember about Dockery is his testimony on the Warden Bradley case.  Ana, Bones and her other sorry butt employees wanted surveillance equipment to spy on us.  We will remain suspicious.  Do we believe that stopped looking for surveillance equipment because Dockery turned them down?  Hell no.


  1. Ana lied because Ana lies. She does not care about Doc. Ana cares about Ana, Bones, Blake, and Whittle. Listen to the whistleblower audio in Ana’s on words.

  2. Zach Dockery is an honorable man. He did nothing wrong. He could have been killed.

  3. I am not surprised at Ana's sugar coating of the situation. Its called "damage control." Because she's more worried about MORE "crap" hitting the fan for herself than she is of her employees being hurt or unruly. We won't see the professional side of things because we don't have a professional in office. As simple as that. Do you expect Ana to do correctly now? Has she ever done the right thing without being told? Probably not! She lies consistently and habitually. I wonder if she has any honesty in any bone in her body. Probably not.

  4. When are they going to get the machines necessary to drag her out of office? She isn’t going any other way. She is beyond reason and as selfish and unreasonable as anyone could imagine. She will burry anyone she can on her way to jail. She will stop at nothing. She is a danger to society.

  5. I hope Dockery watches his own back because it seems like i may not have been an accident at all. You must consider that Zach told the truth in court that means he had to say that Ana, Blake and Bones were liars. Bones is known for being vindictive when ppl disagree with him. Prayers for Dockery to stay well because they may shut you up permanently.

  6. Whittle goes where the wind blows and is as shallow as Bones and Blake. Whittle did whatever was asked of him including helping Bones to spy and set up Deputies. It’s not about the oath taken or what is right with any of these guys. It’s about money and power. They thought they had it and through any means necessary wentafter it and continued to seek control over all including the courageous who are and have done what was right. Accident or not, there are few mistakes that can not be dealt with by any other means but termination in law enforcement. Firing a weapon and injuring another through ignorance is unacceptable by any standard and would lead to immiediate termination at any agency except for one with an extraordinarily corrupt Sheriff who is taking care of those who took care of her. Priorities are so messed up at this embarrassment of a Sheriffs Office right now.