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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Zeigler Right On The MONEY

Blogger Comments:  Folks Alabama Auditor Jim Zeigler is right on the money with how some of our political offices have handled the Inmate Food Fund debacle and the sheriff's that are involved with taking inmate food funds.  We the citizens have taken things into our own hands to force change.  We have the support of Senator Arthur Orr, Governor Kay Ivey, Jim Zeigler, and a few others who have gotten involved and want to set the record straight.  State, Federal, and citizens funds that are designated for inmate food funds do not belong in the pockets of dirty sheriffs.

Alabama's chief examiner waiting to audit Etowah sheriff, cites Grand Jury Secrecy Act


  1. Good article.

    "The ultimate authority was in the hands of the voters of Etowah County, and they took care of what the politicians wouldn't,"

  2. I sure hope this pretty woman knows what she is up against.

  3. I agree...look for cooked books and demand bank statements

  4. Good lord now the Clinton police chief...over little crime. Ana still has them all beat. Go Steve and Feds