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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Welcome to Lawyer Land

Blogger Comments:  Folks, most of us are not attorneys.  Thank Goodness.  Sometimes we can't help but wonder what is it about Alabama Law do attorneys not understand.  Once about seven and a half years back during a federal hearing concerning Sheriff Ana Franklin, the judge asked both sides if any of them had researched the Alabama Legal Opinions.  It was obvious that neither side had.  We can't help but wonder if the case is still the same today.  Really, what part of the Alabama Food Fund laws and legal opinion do some of these lawyers and sheriffs not understand.  The laws are written in a manner that a sixth grader can understand them so why is it so hard for educated people to read and comprehend the state laws and legal opinions.  

Some of you may recall that we requested copies of Sheriff Ana Franklin's books during the primary sheriff's campaign of 2014.  We received the writing from Billable Barney Lovelace.  So why all of a sudden are these documents non-releasable?  We don't want to tell attorneys how to suck eggs but these documents are public domain documents.  We would not be surprised if Sheriff Franklin took more money than the Etowah County Sheriff Entrekin.  We still have an additional 49 sheriffs who need to release there inmate food fund records as well.   

Morgan sheriff refuses public records request on inmate-food money

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Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin this week rejected a public records request seeking information relating to whether she has personally kept taxpayer funds designated for feeding jail inmates.
“Unfortunately, documents reflecting the use of these funds are not public records and would therefore not be subject to a public records request,” her lawyer, William Gray of Birmingham, wrote in response to The Decatur Daily’s request.


  1. Those that hide the funds are GUILTY. Pretty sure the food funds is one of many accounts she robbed from. She may have beach house Sheriff beat with the stolen funds.

  2. She can’t silly rabbit tricks are for kids or Ana trying to hide from IRS.