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Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Only Thing Left For Ana

Folks, the only thing Ana has left so far as the MCSO goes is a few more months.  That is if she makes it that long without being charged with a crime.  The only thing Ana can do at this point is milk more funds from the sheriff's office.  Let's face it.  Ana collects a lot of funds.  Funds from each municipality.  She received approximately 7M up from Decatur Police Department (DPD) to help build the wall and other misc stuff.  Now we believe she receives an estimated 100K per year from DPD.  Franklin receives federal funds at appx $43.00 per day for the federal inmates.  It will be interesting to see how much money will be left in the account when Ana departs the sheriff's office one way or the other.

We have copies of one of these accounts along with a compilation report that we will be blogging on tomorrow.  We received copies of quick books for three accounts.  We must tell you that in one account alone we are hard pressed to believe that the compilation report and the quick books come from the same account.  We will let our readers decide that for themselves.  You will not see check numbers on the quick books but what you will see is what we believe is what Ana wants you to see.  Strictly business.  The only problem with the compilation report and the quick books is that it seems to differ by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  How could that be, that would be an accounting firms worst nightmare.

Realize that we are not accountants so the only thing we can look at is the bottom line item for each expense. 

Barney and Ana have used what we believe to be fuzzy math in the past so we will blog and you decide.


  1. Your honor I have done nothing wrong. After all the he'll I have endured I deserve a mansion down South. Booger Holler was ok but I used that red haired bastard and went for someone with a little more power. Captain Kangaroo promised he has my back

  2. Me and Charlie and Fredericks got to actually go to Washington DC to attend Sessions swearing cool is that

  3. Arthor Per hold all these sheriffs accountable. Most of us innocent victims would be happy to live ok. Make them produce valid purchase orders before any funds released to them period. This mess is beyond ridiculous. Don't let her cronies make the county pay for their excessive overtime never worked.

  4. Goodbye Larry, Ron, Bones, Blake, JP and more. Y’all aren’t gone yet? Why stay where you are not wanted and everyone knows you are criminals? Get gone already.

  5. Ana and her gang of goons and thugs are making a mockery of our State Attorney General. Is he also corrupt for not taking this Sheriff and her band of idiots down for their obvious corruption? Why is Ana Franklin still in office using tax payer money and assets for her criminal defense? A normal citizen can not use taxpayer money like she is. Using her office for personal gain and her own criminal defense is criminal in and of itself right? What about causing and allowing employees to falsely documents for pay or investigations under false pretense with unfactual fabricated facts for her own personal and political gain? How does a woman like Ana or Hilary get away with so much and get rich at the expense of others? So very very wrong and yet it continues. Can we as citizens make or steal that much money and not pay our taxes and get away with it? Can we steal government money and assets and not be held accountable? Why is she still Sheriff? Why is the Berzetts and Livingston still there? Why is the others who have stopped at nothing legal or not to help the Sheriff still there with and for her?

  6. Maybe Hilllary called her and gave her some pointers on how to do it