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Friday, August 31, 2018

Statements of Economic Interest

Among the many things we bloggers do is the dull, boring stuff so you don't have to.  For instance, take statements of economic interest.  Please.  Candidates for public office such as sheriffs have to file, sworn (affirmed) to.  The financial parts are not specific, dealing in ranges, $1000--$50000, for example, but they do have to cite where the money is and where it came from, debts, mortgages, etc.  All these things are available for download at http"//  

So what?

Well, we've downloaded a few statements for sheriffs who have siphoned off cash from inmate food funds and have refused to answer questions about how much.  Just a few.  It would take a platoon of bloggers to do all 49 sheriffs.  What we found (Surprise!) not one includes income from food funds.  Odd, because every one of these guys, plus Mr. Timmons, aver that the money is personal income, not state funds.  Well, if it's personal income, shouldn't it be called out on the statement and, just incidentally, on Form 1040?   

Golly, sheriffs.  You seem to want it both ways.  Is that...ethical?

Sometimes the good guys win.  Two sheriffs who shorted inmates food funds were voted out of office (Etowah and Walker).  No known connection.  Coincidence?  Maybe not.


  1. Look them all up. None of them have claimed shit. Then look up honest citizen Arthur Orr. You will see a huge difference

    1. Can you give instructions how to these people up?

  2. Look up Steven Ziaja...his boss venegoni...his boss too. Did not claim a dime from title mart debacle. These are ALEA agents. Ya think they would tell truth

  3. No worries immunity will protect them. Just ask Ana who says she has immunity from everyone and everything. She said herself she would never go to jail in this state.

  4. Well, there are 49 other states plus the DC jail and GITMO.

  5. Ana and thugs. I know you have thought you have had so much power and immunity but the clock is ticking.

  6. And we know you are desperate. Don't send thugs into good neighborhoods. Too many folks watching your criminal behavior

  7. I want to know who all is involved in her criminal behavior.

  8. Why hasn't she been at work and morgan county still paying her salary


    Glenda Lockhart and all the many others who helped her on various different levels proved Ana and gang were corrupt thieves. Ana, Berzetts, Goodwins, Livingston, Bones, Blake, JP, Ziaja, Steenson, and a few others it is all but over. Those like Namey who has to know the powers to be are fully aware of your criminal actions, it’s time to walk away before you also get steamrolled. Corrupt buisness transactions for personal gain? Sex with inmates? Drug suppliers? Those who assisted in various money laundering, and other unethical and imoral acts that were illegal, maybe you can slither away like the sexual assaulting Zivet and not be noticed. Oh but maybe Zivate and his sexual explorations were not so unnoticed that he will slither away. For those of you who pretended to be the Long arm of the law, the real law enforcement is coming for your criminal lying cheating stealing scamming and misrepresentation of facts and circumstances to support or further your criminal actions wannabe degenerates. Time is almost up. Run while you can.