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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Prison Hurts

Have you folks ever thought about prison?  We mean spending months or years there.  We are also talking about law enforcement.  Law enforcement officers who get caught up in illegal activities and are sentenced to prison are in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day.  If you are lucky maybe you can sleep 10 hours per night.  that leaves 13 hours pacing, sitting, reading, or in some cases exercising within your cell.  You are fortunate enough to be rewarded with one hour a day outside your cell.

Perhaps the state would be better served with setting law enforcement up in a dorm-like a prison setting.  That way you could all chat about how you were framed.  One thing is for certain if sheriff Ana Franklin found herself in that position she will never admit any wrongdoing.  Even when the sheriff's lies caught up with her on the inmate food funds she still lied.  When she was found in contempt in federal court she told folks 'I won'.

Franklin has a tendency to ask people if they believe she is a bad person.  Well! Ana if you have to ask, you probably don't want to know.  It is interesting that some folks such as Chief Deputy Corley still stands behind you against the hardworking men and women at the sheriff's office.  He stood by and watched you fire a lot of good people and shook his head back and forth while you terminated good people.

If the sheriff wasn't embarrassed and humiliated by her actions she would not be going to surrounding counties to purchase her goods.  That is when she isn't down south.

Some losses are permanent and you never have another opportunity to tell your loved ones how much you love them.  Unlike the loss to prison where you can call collect to talk to your loved ones.  You get to eat some of the slop that you dished out, you eat the food and you lose the weight.  You get a couple of pears of socks, tee shirts, bras, and the like to make your stay more comfortable.  And you have a lot of time to write a book.  It could be something like Where Did I Go Wrong" "What Made Me Do It".

Those we lose will be in our hearts, minds, and souls forever.  While you're sitting there Blake, maybe you, Franklin, Bones, and Powell could ask yourselves if you have ever hurt anybody physically, mentally, or medically with your actions.  You see.  It doesn't matter what you go to jail for because in our opinion no other sheriff in the state can hold a candle to you.  Whether you get one day, one month, one year, or more you will never be able to hurt innocent people with your actions again.

You have left a bitter taste in our mouths.  It is hard for us to feel no hate for you.  We don't.  We feel sorry for you because you allowed the devil to make you do it.  Once caught you lied your butts off.  Judge Thompson is a smart judge and the truth was revealed.  These are the things we know you have done.  Wonder what we don't know?

I made a commitment that I would publish the Jail Food Account and I will this week along with some other documents.  It's complicated but it is hard for us to believe that a state auditor used the QuickBooks Billable Barney provided us that has no check numbers associated with it.  We will also provide what we see as issues.  You decide.   When we release the documents we wanted our readers to understand the documents.

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  1. Ana can stall only so long before all her misdeeds come light .What do you think we will learn when the next sheriff has all the books and accounts audited ? Has the state auditor been looking to audit ana ? Yes I believe he will .Goodbye ana maybe you can find a sugar mamma in prison to take care of you