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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Inmate Food Funds - Alabama Sheriffs Association, Robert D. (Bobby) Timmons Picking and Choosing

Blogger Comments:  Folks, we can only hope that the Decatur Daily files suit to obtain copies of the inmate food fund records.  It shouldn't have to be this way but there are reasons that the sheriff does not want these records to become public.  As a matter of fact, we don't believe that the sheriff wants any of the MCSO records to become public.  

According to our sources, Franklin has been using sheriff's office funds since 2014.  We have checks that were written out of the inmate food funds that we published previously along with Billable Barney Lovelace's memorandum to Rick Sherman and me.  We also have a document from Mr. Timmons to Sheriff Franklin telling her the funds were hers to take.  Come on in, Ana the waters fine.  Timmons appears to be a fairly smart person referencing the State Attorney General's Opinion dated March 17, 2008 that allows sheriffs to take inmate food funds.  Apparently, he hasn't reviewed any opinions since.  If he had he would have found the opinion that Sheriff Blakely received in 2011. You guys are supposed to be the law, not pick and choose which version of the opinions you like or dislike.  It sounds as Timmons will support corrupt sheriffs through thick and thin.  The only way to put a stop to sheriffs taking what doesn't belong to them is to change the actual law.

Timmons provided us the Alabama Code and Section to read as well see excerpts below:

We have a situation here folks.  What are ya gonna believe?  Timmons appears to accept the State Attorney General's Opinion.  Well! That is the ones that he picks and chooses.  

Here we have the most recent legal opinion.  Timmons completely ignored.

Alabama Sheriff's Association Mr. Timmons favorite Legal Opinion.

Morgan sheriff refuses public records request on inmate-food money

  • Updated 

  • Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin this week rejected a public records request seeking information relating to whether she has personally kept taxpayer funds designated for feeding jail inmates.


  1. What a mess already. The lies, the stories told from law enforcement is disturbing to say the least.

  2. Can someone photoshop a picture of Ana in prison outfit so maybe she will wake up and admit what she is facing?

  3. Maybe orange is her color. Looked good on Ziaja


    It won’t be shared by Ana because she hopes the public only thinks it is the $150,000. How bad would it be for her if the public knew Saraland was paid in full? Most transparent Sheriff ever. Another farce from the county’s top cop lier. Time and time again, how do we know she is lying? Her lips are moving.