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Friday, August 10, 2018

Greg Steenson Again UPDATED

BLOGGER COMMENTS:  Well, folks, the Greg Steenson sordid saga continues with even more charges.  This is lifted from and intrepid reporter, Ashley Remkus:

Greg Steenson is held in the Limestone County jail. Because of ties to the Morgan County sheriff, he isn't being held in the county in which he's charged.

A man has been indicted on 15 felony charges for a "con game" at a now bankrupt crooked car lot where the Morgan County Sheriff invested jail food money, authorities said.  He has now gone from 8 or 9 initial felonies to 15 (Count 'em) 15!
Greg Steenson, already a federal felon, has been indicted on multiple charges of theft, forgery, fraud and financial exploitation of an elderly person, court records show. He's also accused of selling unregistered securities and selling securities as an unregistered agent.

Greg Steenson involved a large number of his family members in on his corruption to include his brother who signed off on a lease agreement to open an additional Title Mart.  Why is it that these folks started a conspiracy that would start the entire county and the state talking about Morgan Couty?  A large part of that is because of Sheriff Ana Franklin who herself involved her daughter, dad, stepmom, stepbrother, and employees in the scheme.  How in the world did they think they would keep their wheeling and dealing a secret from the public?
In 2015, Steenson was co-owner of Priceville Partners, LLC., which operated a used car lot in Morgan County. Steenson sold or traded to eight people vehicles for which he didn't hold legal titles, according to the indictments. 
"The victims either paid cash to Steenson or traded their vehicle, or a combination of the two, for vehicles for which the victims were unable to obtain titles," said Dan Lord, a spokesman for the Alabama Securities Commission, in a news release "Additionally, Steenson allegedly forged the signature of two victims on title applications." And we believe which were notarized by the Sheriff's daughter Allysa Franklin.  
Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson called Steenson's activity a "con game."

Greg Steenson's "con game" hurt a lot of people.  Many of them the poorest of the poor who had no other alternative but to purchase vehicles from a pay as you go company.  These folks are hard working, down on their luck, and just wanted to be able to provide for their families. 
The car lot has repeatedly made news during the past three years, including when it was revealed Sheriff Ana Franklin had used the local jail inmate feeding account to invest $150,000 in Priceville Partners. The sheriff was held in contempt of court because she violated a federal court order by using the inmate food money. The sheriff and other investors have not been charged with any crimes associated with the car lot fraud allegations.  Yet!  The sheriff purchased vehicles, horse trailers, tractors and more.  Love to see those documents.  Sheriff Franklin had/has no intention of paying for the property she got from Title Mart.  Sheriff Franklin appeared to believe that once becoming sheriff she was entitled to anything that she sets her sights on that she wanted.  It almost worked Ana.  It almost worked.  What you and the rest of the nasty bunch did was to be so blatant with your dirty deeds.  You caught the attention of many people who happened to be honest brokers for the county and the state.  The next thing we know there is a firestorm of activity that caught you and some 49 other sheriffs up in partaking of inmate food funds that don't belong to you. 
If you have never heard of the state Securities Commission, here's who they are:
The Alabama Securities Commission (ASC) regulates the securities industry in Alabama. The Commission is committed to protect investors against securities fraud and provides aggressive enforcement actions against any firm or individual who has violated the Alabama Securities Act or other state and federal statutes to the detriment of Alabama investors.
The Alabama Securities Act provides for the licensing and regulation of securities broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers and investment adviser representatives, and financial planners.

So we have one more enforcement agency getting into Ol' Greg's knickers.  You'd a thunk that Ana, her kinfolk, his kinfolk, and some her powerful friends in high places would have thrown a protective blanket over him.  No, wait!  Those powerful friends aren't so powerful anymore.  And Ana herself is kryptonite to all the others.  A little back pat here, the Blog all along hinted at "other state and federal agencies" involvement.  Hint:  There's more to come.


  1. Slowly, but surely. Ana remember your famous words......"I can never be arrested, I am the Sheriff of Morgan County". You're going to eat those words.

  2. Just throw the towel in. You won’t finish out your term. Will you get dragged out or somewhat quietly resign to go serve your time. Day for day federal time in a white collar prison somewhere isn’t so bad.

  3. Bye Bye...dont let the door hit you in the rear.

  4. Ana wasn’t capable or able to do what she wanted to do because of the desaterious people she attracted and surrounded herself with. Bones, Blake, Livingston, Berzett, Goodwins, Zivet, Ziaja, Steenson and even JP. They all have partaken and drank the koolaid. Even Charlie Mcnichol. How many people in a week does Ana satisfy or satisfy herself with. Power gone out of control crazy. Get her away from our Sheriffs Office. It is more than obvious the Deputies knew before we did working in the jail. Now, we all have to play the game knowing we work for a criminal and her entourage. Ana needs to get off the dope and out of office. Hopefully the next Sheriffs are not exempt from drug test even as required by insurance. No more spinning or sweeping truth under the rug. It’s not over till the Ana lady sings. Let’s hear it Ana.

  5. Ana’s cousin and employer of Ana’s daughter who participated in these crimes both need to be behind bars with Ana. Best drug rehab imaginable for all of them. How does a drug addict like Ana ever become a Sheriff anyway? Time her and her sex crazed trio of her and her daughters be removed from dope and manipulation of men. Both daughters learned from the best and will put it on you like nobody’s business. Bring a bit of coke they will give you a test ride for it.

    1. Her daughter's can were a great time. True story

  6. Don’t think Steenson won’t rat on everybody he can when he gets a seat at the bargaining table.

  7. This mess is disgusting it has gone on so long. All the money wasted. All the trips. The cash. Go get them Feds

  8. Pretty sad when they hire the finest out of mcso taxpayers funds to attack innocent people's phones. Try harder

  9. When this all comes out there will be no telling what this little the blog has uncovered. I am sure the state and the Feds will have much more

  10. Why would Steven Ziaja who had it made want to get involved with a convicted felon and then brag about all the funds he was making. Stupidity...greed..we need to ask sheriff Ana the same question