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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Good Samaritans still exist as does professionalism for our county and state worker

Folks, the last couple of weeks have been challenging.  We all go through it.  Our family is blessed. Yet sometimes while writing the blog we see a lot of bad that has come from people we should be looking up to.  That doesn't mean that all people are bad or that all law enforcement, political figures, etc., are bad.  A few bad apples can do a lot of damage to the crop.

Yesterday was one of those days.  You know.  One of those days where in the early morning hours you have a blessing, you get good news perhaps about a loved one. and the day looks positive.  However, we can never predict the rest of our day.  Traveling from Huntsville through Cotaco Road in route to pick up grandchildren my mother's car went dead and gradually stopped in the middle of the road.  We're on a deadline to get the kids when suddenly a truck from Morgan County NE Water and Sewage Department stopped and assisted me and passenger.  They provided gas; that didn't work, they provided assistance by jumping the car off and that didn't work.  We thanked them for all the efforts and it was a lot.  We were very close to Brewer High School and the local service station.  The men from the water and sewage department were not authorized to allow us to ride in their county vehicle which we completely understand.  However, a citizen stopped and offered us a ride to the service station.  We made preparation for a  tow truck, got a cold drink, and waited for our ride back to the vehicle.  Once we returned to the vehicle we found a state trooper assisting because our vehicle wasn't completely out of the road.  He stayed with us and our vehicle with his lights on until Dirty South arrived and towed our vehicle to Merriman's Garage on 36 West where we coordinated the repairs.  Cody with Dirty South Towing and the trooper got us back on the road again and ensured the safety of others trying to get safely through the blockage.

We can't say thank you enough for all the great support for the state trooper, the men from the water and sewage department, the citizen who gave us a lift, from Dirty South Towing, and Merriman's garage for being there for us.  They didn't know us but they stopped and they assisted.  Oh! Sure its the State Troopers job to assist but what a great day and a beautiful gift when people go above and beyond the call of duty.

Our vehicle breakdown turned from an inconvenience to a blessing.   Oh! and the kids made it home from school on time thanks to our work family and our immediate family.  May God Bless.

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