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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Draining the swamp

Blogger Comments:  Folks, if this arrest doesn't make believers out of you nothing will.  Our law enforcement in Morgan County, Etowah County, Madison County stood together in the misdemeanor charge against Warden Leon Bradley, to tell the truth.  They fought against the corruption that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell brought so close to home for Leon Bradley and the Whistleblowers.  Alabama has a great law enforcement community that is standing up and not allowing those in positions of power continue to taint their agencies.

On another note.  This guy can't hold a candle to Sheriff Ana Franklin.  That just shows the state is looking at those in public office with their sights on cleaning up corruption across the board.  

These folks are in positions of trust.  Our government is built on trust.  We trust the public officials to represent us morally, ethically, and legally.  Our political officials receive a hefty paycheck for representing us.  Greed is a mighty powerful conviction.  

Former Clanton police chief sentenced to prison on fraud, ethics conviction


  1. Geez..Steve Marshall Attorney General doing good job. If you wear the badge and have done anything illegal unethical I'd be a bit worried

  2. Wonder if Bones and Blake realize how screwed they are with ethics if nothing else? Speaking of ethics, what about jail phones and deputy phone carrier? Money from phone scams not get taxes paid either? What about all the money made at the commissary and the wealth of benifits paid to the nonemployee who funnels most of the money back to Ana calling it “Ana’s retirement”? No ethics anything right there either right? Wonder if ethics violations are being delt with currently for Ana and her band of thugs? Speaking of band of thugs where is Barney Lovelace? Did he pay his taxes on the money he made hand over fist? Not the normal checks which were huge but the under the table money! Is the IRS looking at that? What about ethics of a lawyer knowingly participating in criminal acts of a Sheriff trying to cover her tracks? Does it all seem like a slippery slope into quick sand? I hope these idiots stop with their idiotic behavior and don’t do anything extraordinarily stupid to themselves before they go to prison like so many caught in similar circumstances have done in the past. Life will go on just not as these criminals are accustomed to. For everyone but maybe Livingston it won’t be life long sentences. I am sure they will get out and be able to move way away from Alabama and change their names. Sure it might be a little humbling to have to say “welcome to McDonald’s may I take your order” for awhile but some humility as they humble themselves may be good for all of them. Truth is coming out and those close enough to know are excited for everyone else to see what is on the horizon. It sure took longer than anyone thought it would. Stall tactics are futile now.
    Ana Woodard Franklin try to fly out of the country. I bet you won’t get far. With or without your Daddies or sugar daddy it won’t matter. I bet your family is so proud as all the lies unravel. How many lives ruined by your lies deception and greed? In the end none worse than your own lives for all who participated. Game over check mate time to fold on your hands. Whistleblowers and all who assisted them win. Waiting for the fat lady to sing. By special request, Jail House Blues please Ana. And her latest lawyer says no indictments in all the grand jury hearings. How incredibly stupid. Figures though, he had to be stupid to take on Ana’s web of corruption. Even Al Capone had a lawyer. Taxes took Al down also. Ana and gang got caught with so much more. So sad for Morgan County our state and county. Drain the swamp! Alabama corruption is on its way out. Go Trump and Make America Geat Again! Roll Tide! Sorry not all of you will be able to watch the Bama games while behind bars. At least there will be one less drunk driving Sheriff on the road! Everyone is crazy right Ana? Even the vast majority of the Sheriffs Office Employees, right? I smell peaches wait......... that’s impeachment in the air. Wanna open up the casinos again and bet some more? Wanna gamble on Flint Creek? Poor Justin the sole mastermind and scape goat for keylogger. He is in more trouble for lying in court about it than doing it in the first place and to stupid to realize Ana purposely set him up for the fall and could do nothing to help him. Hint, it failed miserably just like all the rest of it.
    To bad these people did not know who you really are even before you were elected Sheriff. Still the drug addict who will shack up with anyone you always were. Hulaco and long before that, all over the county. That’s ancient history though. There is enough over the past 7 1/2 years. How is it going to happen, resignation or impeached? Time is all but up now. The rodeo is over, sell the rest of the horses. Jail can be a great rehab, diet and great to break drug and alcohol problems.

  3. And don't try any shenanigans....higher ups watching your every move