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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Does it really matter?

Blogger Comments:  Folks, Sheriff Ana Franklin stands to gain $1,381,160.00 just for housing Federal inmates if the MCSO jail maintains their current quota.  The question is what does it matter at this point?  Sheriff Franklin has not given raises, on the spot cash awards, annual appraisal incentive awards, or anything else of substance since becoming the Sheriff of Morgan County.  The only pockets that seem to have been padded are the sheriff's and her low life buddies.  As for the sheriff knowing the number of suicides and the number of deaths the "real sheriffs office employees" investigated the incidents you can bet the sheriff spent no time researching.  Our experience of Ana's research is the lies she told about the number of meth labs Bones Wilson made over the past 7 1/2 years.  Ana claimed outrageous numbers that had never been reported to the State and to the National database.

I respect the commission with their overall raises.  Sheriff Ana Franklin should have been budgeting raises or compatible pay scales for her employees through the years instead of galavanting around the world. 

Morgan's general fund likely to include increases in salaries, appropriations

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      Outgoing Sheriff Ana Franklin said her department investigated 27 deaths, which caused a small spike in overtime that is 9.5 percent over budget through July 31. She said Morgan County has been approved to house 100 federal inmates at the jail. “Presently we are at 88 now,” she said. “So that will be more money coming into our budget.”
      According to past county records, the federal government pays $43 per federal inmate per day housed at the jail.The sheriff’s budget for fiscal 2019 is a proposed $3,502,535.70, down from $3,509,021.64 in fiscal 2018 and $3,825,210.84 in fiscal 2017. The jail budget is a proposed $5,112,268.50, up from $4,772,870.15 in fiscal 2018. Budget numbers show increases in salaries, retirement and health insurance as the driving factors for the increase
      So, if you add the sheriff's office budget and the jail budget, you find that the sheriff has about $8.6 million to play with.  A million here, a million there and pretty soon you're talking about real money (old joke).  The sheriff is responsible for over 18% of the total county budget!  And we trusted Ana with that kind of responsibility?  What were we thinking?

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  1. Feds pay $40 with $3 of that for food and split the $37 with the commission. It's not $43 it's $40total per fed inmate per day.