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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Decatur Daily on Steenson Indictment

Folks, the Daily has come on board with the most recent indictment, adding some more background to the basic story of the 15 or is it 14 total indictments, many are Class B felonies, each one good for 2 to 20 years on the hard rock ground.  Sounds about right. 

Former Priceville Partners owner indicted

A Morgan County grand jury indicted a former owner of bankrupt Priceville Partners LLC on 14 counts including theft, forgery, securities violations and financial exploitation of the elderly, according to the Alabama Securities Commission.
Greg Steenson, 49, of Decatur, has been in the Limestone County Jail since his bond was revoked in March. Many of his charges relate to his ownership of Priceville Partners, a used car and title loan business that received loans from Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin and former Alabama Law Enforcement Agency agent Steven Ziaja. 
The eight counts of theft and one count of forgery involve allegations that Steenson, from April to December of 2015, had no legal title to vehicles which he sold to eight victims, a4ccording to the statement from the Alabama Securities Commission. A separate indictment charges him with four Alabama Securities Act violations, including fraud in connection with the sale of securities. He was also charged with one count of financial exploitation of an elderly person.
Our constant readers are familiar all this.  But it can't hurt to re-emphasize the scope and gravity of these crimes and the corruption that supported them.   The blog admits there's a certain pleasure in recounting all the stupidity and audacity of these yo-yo's and probably should be ashamed while writing this with a smile.  Not very Christian of me, I admit.  I'll ask forgiveness when they are all in prison.   In the meantime, gotcha!


  1. Ana and thugs. Please refrain from planting felons from gwinette ga on our street who are supposed to be incarcerated. Good try but goodbye

  2. I know y'all are desperate but really??

  3. Feds on their butts. Nice try though. Y'all are about as dumb as a box of rocks.

  4. Why’s it dumb feds on they’re tail
    The Feds understand corruption wire fraud / the fraudulent sale of encumbered collateral / ponzi’s and generally overall complex financial crimes where as local police struggle to understand the most basic of criminal frauds.

    Also Feds investigating/gathering evidence for years before indictments start getting handed down is the norm not the exception!

    When have you ever seen the Feds get indictments handed down on crime(s) that had occurred weeks or months prior? You haven’t

  5. Fed’s aren’t traffic cops pal they don’t throw whatever they can together in 10 minutes and see if it sticks
    They generally build they’re cases for years which is likely why 98.3 % of Fed defendants end up taking plea deal vs trial.

  6. Pretty sure they were referring to dumb Sheriff

  7. They meant Feds are on the Sheriff and her cronies.