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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Debating the Inmate Food Fund Issures

Folks the inmate food funds should not be an issue.  If we vote sheriffs into office that have legal, moral, and ethical standards we would not be sitting here today writing this blog.  What gives public officials the right to believe that they are doing good for their community when behind the scenes they are taking state, federal, city, and citizens dollars to pad their pockets?  Do they really believe that what they are doing is legal?  Do they believe that what they are doing is Moral?  Do they believe that their actions are ethical?  How many of these sheriffs reported their income on their Statements of Economic Interest?  Is it a surprise to any of you that the sheriff is involved in the Title Mart aka Performance Auto Sales debacle.

Since we speculated on how much money the Lawrence County Sheriff had to pay taxes on for the $80,000.00 that he was forced to take or the laws need to be changed.  Let's do a little math for Ana with our speculation on Ana's take on the Morgan County Inmate Food Funds.  If Sheriff Ana Franklin took $160,000.00 for the past 7+ years she could have gotten upwards of $1,280,000.  That is a chunk of change.  That would be almost enough to complete any project Ana had going on Saraland.

We citizens struggle every single day to make ends meet.  We should not have our tax dollars going into corrupt politicians pockets.  Just a little history here for Sheriff Mitchell, the inmate food funds has been a point of contention for a lot of decent politicians for years.  This isn't just an election year folly to beat sheriffs over the head.  This is a real issue and folks like Arthur Orr, Governor Kay Ivey, the State Comptroller, and others have taken this egregious act of inhumanity and taken it on as a serious issue.

It is disgusting to hear sheriffs trying to defend their actions and pretending that it's not their fault they are forced to take the money or that what they are doing is perfectly legal.  It's time for big changes in Alabama to bring our state forward.

Look at how many jobs within the sheriff's offices could have received pay increases for their deputies, jailers, and clerks.  Look at the much-needed equipment, patrol cars, training, and incentives the county sheriff's office could have obtained with these monies.  Last but not least is look at the number of inmates within the state who could have received nutritional meals, how many of the mentally and/or physically disabled inmates' living conditions and dietary needs could have been met.  As Sheriff Entriken said this isn't a bed and breakfast its a jail.  So true, sheriff it is a jail with horrific conditions that the inmates and sheriff's office employees must endure while you sit and watch the waves coming in from the beach sipping a nice cold beer.


  1. These pinochios all need to be held accountable

  2. When a state is fighting corruption against Sheriffs profiting of Fed and state funds building mansions... Someone higher up needs to step in.