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Friday, August 24, 2018

Cry Baby Cry - Stupid Is As Stupid Does - Mitchell's 80K X 12 Years $960,000.00 - Beach House Anyone?

Lawrence sheriff: Jail food issue is election-year posturing

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Blogger Comments:  It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.  What kind of nuts have we been voting into office?  They apparently can't read and comprehend on a sixth or seventh-grade level.  You would think that in reading his comments to the daily this morning Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell would be embarrassed to walk into the Lawrence County Sheriffs Office.  

Michell says to the Daily: let me explain that to you.  Ok! Mitchell as I Love Lucy's Ricky Ricardo used to say, 'splain it to me.  He claims he has been asking this question for the past month.  Really! How stupid does that sound?  Pretty darn stupid if you ask us.  Does Sheriff Mitchell know how to research the Alabama State Attorney Generals Opinions?  Maybe he should ask his secretary for assistance.  How about being "original" and prepare a request for an opinion just as Blakely did?  There are all kinds of examples.  Better yet, ask the Lawrence County Attorney for assistance and advice.  We are sorry folks, it's hard to get over the stupidity in Mitchell's comments.

Governor Ivey and the Comptroller are not nearly as ignorant as Mitchell they spelled out warrants for the bigger account which is written to each sheriffs office under their Federal FEIN number.  The only way that money can get in Mitchell's personal account is if he puts it there.  Does he think everybody listening to the news and reading the papers are as stupid as he has made himself out to be?  I believe the answer is yes, he thinks we are stupid.  

He wants to claim the Jail Food issue is election-year posturing.  There is a reason the sheriffs are not taking the money from the inmate food allowance account.  It isn't worth it.  The checks are meager because in that account you only get 5 cents per inmate.  Back to posturing.  Mitchell claims this is election year posturing.  No Sheriff Mitchell, it isn't posturing.  It sounds like some of the slimy sheriffs know which account they can take from but they chose to take money from the big honey pot and leave the lesser honey pot alone.  To pay bills.  

Mitchell claims he ends up with something like 80K per years he has to pay taxes on.  So if 80K is the usual yearly average and he has been in office for 12 years, that's $960,000.00!  How many beach houses is that?  He wouldn't have to do that and go through the pain and suffering that the additional 80K  is causing him if he had read the legal opinions, asked the questions first, or had the county attorney submit a question on his behalf to the State Attorney General's Office.  Just like Sheriff Ana Franklin, Sheriff Mitchell claims it's not my fault.  

Speaking of Sheriff Ana Franklin she did get a legal opinion upfront but didn't like the answer so she did what she darn well pleased.  Franklin ended up in Federal Court and was found in contempt of court.  Franklin came out bragging that she won.  

We don't even want to discuss Mitchell's philosophy on maybe finding chickens in a chicken company who needs to get rid of the old for the new chicken.  My lord where do these people come from.

Mitchell goes on to say that this thing comes up every four years, and we get beat over the head with it.  Cry the citizens a handful, Mitchell.  We thought Franklin had loose lips but danged if you haven't beaten her.  In the blame game process, Mitchell wants to blame Gov. Ivey for following the rules of the law.  You want money, Mitchell?  How about taking only the money that you earned.  


  1. It's going to be interesting to hear about all these "philosophies" from all these sheriffs. Gene Mitchell, your excuse of election posturing doesn't excuse you from the law! The only damn people that think taking from these inmate food funds are the ones padding their pockets. Blinded by greed? Hell no! You all know well enough those funds are NOT to supplement your income. You're just immorally corrupt. Sheriffs should be the LAST type of profession to do this.
    I would even go as far to say, if your corrupt in this manner in your profession, there is probably a good chance you'll be if other illegal "temptations" cross you during your term.
    The more this keeps going on, the public will not have faith in not just a "corrupt sheriff" but at some point the justice system. Why can't you let that money go where it truly belongs and restore the publics faith?
    It's apparent that the sheriffs believe if a few are doing it (even when it's wrong) why can't I? It because a norm. A greedy, corrupt norm.

  2. Some of us already been knowin who the real thugs are.
    Whats ashame is some folks are ok with it.
    They'll figure it out sooner or later.

  3. I say keep the money at the federal level. Have one system they will have to produce valid purchase orders for any funds being moved. State can do the same thing.

  4. He makes around $70k a year before the jail food money, and before the pistol permit money, and before the work release discretionary money.

    1. Oh yeah I almost forgot. Gene "Bean" Mitchell also gets $3 and some change from the 5 municipalities that use the jail to house prisoners. Why isn't that being asked by the media? Hillsboro PD brings in a prisoner at 11:30 PM, and they don't "process" the prisoner until 12:15 AM the next day, then "Bean" Mitchell charges for two days of staying in jail, and charges for six meals, even if the prisoner did not get even one meal. This is the racket.

  5. If they are feeding them out of date chicken that can't be sold or bread or other items is that in violation of health dept guidelines. How about the high Sheriff feed them food that is not out of date and break even. They are making a killing. Charging 2 days and 6 meals to someone who say comes in a warrant gets right back out or who comes in at 11 pm and gets out at 1 am and doesn't eat anything, he still gets paid.

  6. They talk about overcrowding, Michelle says he has 180 inmates in a jail built to hold about 130 max or less. Well you take away this 1930's law that allows them to make a profit off how cheap they can feed someone and watch the overcrowding issue disappear. When they can no longer make a profit they will empty the jails.

  7. I guess this explains why he runs the jail as a money maker business scheme and tries to keep as many inmates in there as possible. Along, with the county courthouse officials that plays into it with him or for him! a little kick back for them to hep him make that money!