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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Attorney General's Office recalled its news release announcing the updated indictment on Steven Ziaja

Folks, we may never know why the AG's statement was recalled but does it matter?  None of the charges against Ziaja were recalled.  Perhaps it came out prematurely.  Mistakes are made.  As a matter of fact, our blog reported yesterday that Ziaja was due in court for his pretrial hearing.  The hearing was not set for the 7th it was actually set for today August 8, 2018.

Mistakes are easily made and corrected.  Unless you happen to be folks like Ziaja, Franklin, Bones, Blake, Justin, and others that have repeatedly taken actions that are or should be illegal, unethical, and possibly immoral.

We hope to see each one of these folks answer to the state for their personal capacity and professional conduct.  Meaning both as citizens of our state and employees of the state.  What these folks have done to destroy the lives of others, the criminal conduct, abuse of power, and a multitude of other actions should not go unpunished.

These things take time and good investigations do not take place overnight.  They take time.

As for the new charge, my sources say that it was another example of Ziaja's misuse or computer tampering.  Figures.  One thing is for sure this thing has Greg and Jason Steenson written all over it.  Steenson and Sheriff Ana Franklin have made darn sure that they involved other members of their family in their activities.

There is no way in the world all these folks could keep their criminal activities out of the public's noticed the way they added family, friends, and co-workers to their corrupt ways.

Former Alabama narcotics officer indicted on 13 felony computer tampering, ethics charges

Melissa Brown, Montgomery Advertiser  Published 4:02 p.m. CT Aug. 7, 2018 | Updated 11:59 a.m. CT Aug. 8, 2018
A former Alabama Law Enforcement Agency narcotics officer has been indicted on a felony ethics charge and a dozen counts of felony computer tampering.
Steven Ziaja, 40, was previously arrested in November 2017 and indicted in March, but a new grand jury last month added a 12th count of felony computer tampering to his case, superseding the March indictment. 
"Specifically, the indictment charges that Ziaja knowingly obtained information from a State computer system or network that is required by law to be kept confidential, that he knowingly disclosed other such data, and that he used his position as a narcotics officer with ALEA for personal gain," a release from the Alabama Attorney General's office states."
Court records indicate Ziaja accessed a network of confidential information to find information or records on 12 different individuals. The indictment suggests the network was the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. The ACJIC works to "collect, store, retrieve, analyze, and disseminate vital information relating to certain crimes, criminals, and criminal activity," and links local and state agencies to the FBI's national crime database.
The Decatur Daily reports Ziaja used the database to help a car and title loan business repossess vehicles. 
The Morgan County resident faces two to 20 years in prison and up to a $30,000 fine per charge. 

Check back for updates.


  1. They thought they were gonna be millionaires one day. Ponzi scheme uncovered. Much more to come I hear. Grab the popcorn

  2. I commend Steve Marshall for ridding corruption in the great state of Alabama. He will be a good one. Someone who stands up to corruption has God behind them .sissies don't stand up. Too afraid

  3. And commend all agencies involved in bringing down corruption in our county
    About time

  4. I guess They thought nobody would notice. They all had it made. Free gas overtime never worked lavish beach trips but they got greedy.

  5. Don't forget to mention hiring her felon son in law to check inmates into jail and pay him while he was in jail

  6. Poor Ziaja. Run Charlie run


  8. Anyone want to buy stolen goods? It’s like buying it from the Sheriff so it will be okay. Oh wiait, it’s not okay. Theft rings and casinos are illegal in Morgan County even if endorsed and bankrolled with taxpayer money from the Sheriffs Office. Who would have thunk it? And she and her thugs still walk free. For now. Go to jail already. Our jail is unsafe and falling apart with all these untrained wannabe folks at the jail and the week yes girls who will say yes to anything Berzett wants are the only one who are getting promoted. Ana’s dope dealer doesn’t need promoted any more than those who will sleep with whoever however old to get promoted.