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Monday, August 13, 2018

13 August 2018 - The Beginning of The End

Folks, we get frustrated sometimes because things don't go our way.  We have become a society that wants what we want and we want it now.  Unfortunately, not all things are within our power.  As a matter of fact, most things in life is outside our control.  We must accept the things we have no control over and let the powers that be make the decisions that are right for the time.

Someone commented on the blog that we report the same things over and over.  Folks, we do.  There is a reason for that.  All of the things we have reported on the blog revolves around the usual suspects.  The suspects haven't changed; they just continue to do stupid stuff.  Case in point:  we can't tell you how many folks have told us that Franklin is now seen shopping in the Lawrence County Wal-Mart vice any of Wal-Marts in Morgan County.  There is a reason why Franklin doesn't want to be seen in Morgan County.  If she has a conscience, she should be too embarrassed to be seen in Morgan County.

Sheriff Franklin has brought more disgrace to Morgan County than any of her predecessors or any other corrupt politician.   Early on Franklin forced the Coopers out of the SO so she could place her oldest daughter in one of the Cooper positions.  Franklin didn't pay her daughter the conventional way because Cheryll Marsh was all over it.  A lot of folks believed that the Sheriff was going to be a breath of fresh air.  Frankin's breath of fresh air was about as stout as the ammonia smell found in a chicken house full of chickens.  The smell is breathtaking and not in a good way.

The breath of stench continued when Franklin began hiring additional family or common law family such as Jonathan Stebbins who lives with the sheriff's daughter Alyssa in Franklin's house in Decatur.   Stebbins was a bad boy with multiple arrests under his belt.  Stebbins was spending his weekends in the Limestone County jail and working for Sheriff Franklin at the MCSO in booking during the week.

So! We have Ana forcing employees out to place her oldest daughter in an office position, Ana hiring her first cousin to work in the jail, and Jonathan Stebbins the common law son in law of her youngest daughter.  Nothing like keeping it all in the family.  Franklin progressed fairly quickly in throwing her weight around.  Ana finally got around to Shorty Humphries, a real bad guy who threatened to kill her.  Stay with me, folks because this is interesting.  Humphries ended up in prison and the sheriff had him moved back to MC.  This guy is one of the worst of the worst but Franklin was as scared of ole Shorty as she was scared of the whistleblower.  Yep! The whistleblower who weights 120 lbs soaking wet.  She claimed the whistleblower wanted her dead.  But the guy that really threatened to kill her, she wanted to keep him close by.  Makes you wonder why doesn't it?   He was one of the three strikes and you're out kinda guy.  Shorty is kinda a Bad Bad Leroy Brown big on manufacturing.

Ana moved on to ensure that Timothy Alan Hall was also placed on an in-house old.  It was important for Ana because he is the first cousin of Ana's "real" son-in-law.  Hall was convicted of vehicular homicide for killing a man on a motorcycle while under the influence.  What a great guy.  He spends more time out of jail than in jail.  Could you see Franklin doing that as a favor for an everyday citizen?  Don't think so...

Sheriff Franklin didn't start out as a good sheriff.  She walked through the doors corrupt.  Franklin, Ziaja and a few others planned on getting rid of Judge Thompson, Haddock, Craig, and many of the others who had been there for years and placing them with the brood they wanted in office.  Such as Jennifer Howell.  Heck, they had their sights on the County Commission and how they would get their own commission in office.

Don't think for one minute that Sheriff Franklin, ex-ALEA agent Steven Ziaja, and the rest of their clan are stupid.  There not.  They just thought the rest of us were.  Why did it all fall apart?  Because of greed.  They were all so greedy to get rich that they showed their true colors.  We knew a lot about Franklin during the first term but her popularity was so great nobody would have believed it.  It has taken time and effort to reveal Sheriff Ana Franklin and her criminal counterparts for what the really are.

Some of you want us to focus on the future and the changes that need to be made to bring the MCSO back up to standard.  That's not our job.  We have a new sheriff that will be coming on board in January to make the necessary changes.  We refuse to tell him how to suck eggs.  Puckett has been around the blog a few times.  He is not a fool nor will he be fooled by the incompetent people currently running the jail.  The only advice we could give Sheriff Puckett is to be leery of anyone that Franklin promoted.

Franklin, Bones, and the rest of Ana's fan club claim they are not worried about anything.  Folks, they are.  They are really worried and if Ziaja is convicted of one or all of the many felonies he faces, they will be wearing Depends diapers.


  1. Hey ex-queen bee Ana, Are you afraid to run into one of us that you kicked aside, promoted over us, got rid of us for no reason, just because you wanted one of your criminal buddies in, fired or gave option of leaving for little or nothing, lied your pants off to us, treated us like crap.......why would you be afraid of little ole us?

  2. First Steenson then oh my a...which domino will fall next

  3. Why hasn't she done the right thing and simply resign

  4. Ask her ex. She will lie and scream and throw a tantrum...ok Gordon knows the truth so does all in their divorce. Attornies. Ana is always right.

  5. We may have to hire good Gordon of the Flashbacks once Feds get done doing what they do. We will have the biggest party Morgan County has seen.

  6. Finally!!!!!!! Serious movement in the right direction. Wish we all knew the details of the surrender.

  7. Soon we pray before she tries any other shenanigans

  8. Don't send felons in neighborhoods...don't lie to judges breaking into innocent folks like Leon Bradley home and whistleblower office. Disgusting law enforcement gone wild. Also don't lie to respectable judges like Glenn Thompson to get search warrant in first place. You did the crime now do the time

  9. Y'all devised the perfect plan. Even Dockery told you you were wrong. Amen to Dockery. For finally standing up.

    1. Many told her in the very, very beginning that she was wrong. She did not care. She laughed, mocked, threatened, shopped for others to do her dirty work, etc...She doesn't care. I hear she has nice folks. It's unbelievable that she didn't learn anything from them. That or she manipulated them too. You don't just all the sudden get greedy and stupid. She has a history with people that seem to tell a story. It also surprises me that Ana, who thinks she's the best around didn't know what her guys were doing and even when she found out (keylogger) didn't do anything about it! Apparently she forgot she was not only responsible for her position, but also her guys. She certainly knew about the keylogger two years ago in federal court...why didn't she reprimand anyone? (Hint,hint...because she was in on it!)