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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The People of Morgan County Want To Know

Blogger Comments:  Folks, "real" investigations take a considerable amount of time.   Ana says she will never go to jail but that may be a figment of her imagination.  To be completely honest we believe that the sheriff, Bones, Powell, Robinson, and Ziaja believe they did nothing wrong and even if they did they will get away with it.  Franklin has old money backing her in Mobile County along with Mr. Charlie Mcnichol the 911 Director for the county.

It appears that Franklin thinks that even if we do go to jail, we will not be there long.  Why! Just look at Charlie and the things he did.  Now he has overcome his bad conduct with the Federal Government and has excelled in his position.  Again! It isn't what you know its who you know.  

White collar crime and punishment gets a lot of attention but little to no jail time.

On the other hand, it depends on what the heck the Morgan County Gang of Five did?  Time will tell.  Until then be positive and look towards the future.

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  1. When is this going to end? Are they going to get away with it? Is it okay to be a criminal if you wear a badge.

  2. Former U.S. Attorney Spokesman Pleads Guilty To Grand Jury Leak
  3. Mobile AL – Charles "Charlie" McNichol, the former law enforcement coordinator and spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Mobile, pleaded guilty Friday to a misdemeanor charge of leaking information about a grand jury probe into Orange Beach corruption.
    U.S. District Judge William Steele released McNichol on his own recognizance and set sentencing for Oct. 18, the Press-Register reported on its Website.
    On paid leave from his job, McNichol faces no more than a year in prison. The federal prosecutor's office in Pensacola, Fla., is handling the case.
    Prosecutors charged McNichol with theft of government property for leaking secret information to a "personal friend" about an indictment of former Orange Beach Mayor Steve Russo and three others, and a planned news conference to announce the charges.
    The friend was not identified in court documents.
    McNichol, surrounded by family members Friday, said he was "warmed" by their support. He declined further comment.
    Before his federal job, McNichol spent 15 years with the Daphne Police Department, serving as assistant chief for the last few of those years.
    Information from: Press-Register,


  1. Did this just happen this year?

  2. 2007...11 years ago.

  3. So long ago and he still does not know better. Wonder if he gets arrested with Ana? Does Mobile know what he is up to?

  4. Is Ana still threatening those who might testify against her?

  5. Did a county owned and insured vehicle get wrecked and protocol of drug test not get followed yet again? Oh yea, rules and laws do not apply to Ana.

  6. Saraland contributer ? Wonder if Ana let Steenson stay there at all. Wonder if Bones is jealous having to share with Mobile County 911 Director? All the secrets Ana thinks she has is about to come out. Maybe I will share here with this blog since Ana shutting everyone who helped her out now. She going to make some waves as she goes down.

  7. There is a captain up there acting as if he’s going to keep his job! Maybe he doesn’t realize that other people know all about his criminal activity. RL keep working like you think you’re going to stay there maybe you’ll actually earn some of the money you’ve been paid for over the years that you did not earn! In the past 40 years how many people have you arrested? I know math may be hard for you so I’ll help you out! Zero !!!!! Maybe if you get gone they’ll leave you alone like Zivet! He’s safe now! LOL Calm before the storm?

  8. He needs to retire. Jump on his horse and ride away

  9. He can not retire like real law enforcement. He does not have the time in.

  10. Yes RL is a pitiful political promise that needs to go away because he is a drain on the office and he does absolutely nothing but charge OT that he has never worked all because the sheriff says they can, kinda like adding 2 hours of OT each week for Cpl pay that doesn't exist in the budget so her followers can get more pay and others just get regular pay for the exact same amount of work. They basically get screwed for doing their job with no bias. Sad, no wonder the place is falling apart.