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Monday, July 2, 2018

Speaking of Wrecks

Folks, speaking for wrecks several months ago Alyssa wrecked her Title Mart vehicle and was seen driving Ana's Title Mart Dulley for months.  According to our sources, the Title Mart Dulley is gone and a new vehicle has taken its place.

It is interesting that all of the Title Mart vehicles and horse trailers are still being used that should have been part of the Performance Auto Sales bankruptcy.

As we have said many times in the past it isn't what you know its who you know.

Speaking of which cousin Greg Steenson is still in jail.  His hearing was delayed because of a conflict.  It appears that he will set there for a couple of more months until his new hearing comes up.  This has got to be tough on ole cousin Greg.  He is a neat freak and couldn't even stand frayed carpet in his rental condo.  He paid to have it replaced.

It's kinda hard to get the jail staff to change out frayed or used equipment in the jail to appease the inmates.  He should be thankful that he isn't in cousin Ana's jail.  We have seen the jail food and the meals do not look appetizing.

Be patient Greg your time is coming.  Bet you wish you could be standing by Flint Creek and watching the FEDs drag the creek for gold.

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  1. When is this going to end? Are they going to get away with it? Is it okay to be a criminal if you wear a badge.