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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Sheriff Walls Again

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Physical altercation breaks out during Marshall County jail shakedown


  1. Auburn did a pay study a few years ago which cost the county money but the results was never published. Why?

    1. Cost taxpayers over $200,000 likely to have said study. My guess is it was not published because it said our county commission don’t have a work load, do not earn their high pay, and there is no need for full time commissioners who drive around in high end vehicles all over the country on county gas. They have important jobs but should be like 98% of the rest of the state and be part time jobs in addition to whatever full time job they may have if any. Morgan County fraud waste and abuse if far more broad than just the criminal Ana Franklin. She may actually take a few of those guys with her on the way down. Most of the real workers are underpaid to pay for these commissioners high salaries and benefits. This is the case no matter who the Sheriff or other Department heads are. Let’s see the study even though it’s now out of date.

  2. I would say Auburn and Alabama should be doing a case study on the 49 Sheriffs who refused to turn over finances on inmate food funds .

  3. What about Saraland?