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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sheriff Ana Franklin has six month left in office - What will she be doing during those last few boring months in Office?

Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Do-little looks like she'll be busier during this six-month period than she was for the seven and a half years she misspent in office.  Between court(s) and Saraland, she won't have any time to spend in her office.  May as well clean out her desk now, while there's still time.

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin facing a number of court battles during final months in office

Franklin lost a key court battle in April, when a judge dismissed charges against her former jail warden Leon Bradley. He’d been accused of tampering with government records. The charge alleged Bradley was taking sheriff’s office records and sharing them Glenda Lockhart, a Morgan County blogger critical of Franklin.
There was a hearing in the Bradley case in April, with his lawyers arguing Franklin and the sheriff’s office had misled the court in getting a search warrant for Bradley’s home and Lockhart’s business and engaged Lockhart’s grandson in an unlawful search before paying him as an informant.
The judge in the case not only threw out the charges against Bradley, the court found Franklin and her key deputies had misled and tried to cover up related sheriff’s office crimes.
Franklin has denied wrongdoing.
During the April hearing, Madison County Sheriff’s Office Captain Michael Salomonsky said he was present in a meeting when sheriff’s office officials and Franklin discussed keylogger software being used to monitor Lockhart’s computer.
Franklin and other sheriff’s office officials denied any use of keylogger software – which allows the user to keep track of what’s typed on a computer – in the Bradley case.
Franklin and the sheriff’s office employees responded to the court’s April ruling, filing a response brief after the ruling.
They argued Salomonsky misunderstood what technology they were talking about, that they had legal probable cause for the search involving Bradley and Lockhart, and that they didn’t mislead the court.
Bradley has also sued Franklin, alleging a range of misdeeds, including abuse of power, enrichment from office and discrimination.
Franklin is also involved in a lawsuit filed by blogger Lover (we're pretty sure that's a typo)  over the search and seizure of her computers in connection with the Bradley case.
And, looming over all of it, what’s the status of a federal investigation into the Morgan County Sheriff’s office?
During the Bradley hearing, deputies were asked about why they contacted fellow sheriff’s office employees, asking what they’d told the FBI during interviews.
In early May Franklin’s lawyers told a judge they’d learned a grand jury was meeting May 21 to hear testimony about the sheriff’s office conduct in the Bradley case.


  1. I hope she and her high powered enjoys it. Wasting money on a felon. Not a Sheriff

  2. Btw miss innocent you claimed you had zero idea Steenson was involved. Said you only knew Jeffries. Nice try. His is your cousin. We hear you and I'm Ziaja and Greg Steenson spent many fun filled days on Risky Business boat. Please do yourself a favor and quit lying your ass off

  3. Imagine how much more trouble she'd be in if Ziaja wasn't just a sacless twat.


  4. I keep hearing about Saraland. Can you please explain to us what Saraland is? I've read several blogs about Saraland and can figure it is some place that Franklin has. Please give details.

    1. I don't know the whole story, but Saraland, Alabama is a South AL city