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Monday, July 9, 2018

Roll Call

Folks, it looks like the sheriff is in the office today.  What’s that all about?

Is she cleaning out her office?   We hear that both the Alabama and the National Sheriffs Office asked Ana to take the honorable way out and resign.  That is a no can do.  Don’t you know who I am?  I am free and clear.   Hmmm. "Ana" and "honorable"  in the same sentence?  Naah.

If Ana is in the office she is either snooping around being noseye or some poor soul is about to get fired.  Ana still doesn’t trust ol' Larry to fire the help.  Besides, why should she deprive herself of the pleasure of sacking one of the underlings?

On another note we hear Bone is showing up for work everyday.  Because he has no place to go?


  1. Bones has a place to go alright. He may even get to rub elbows with the owners of one of the many puppies he massacred. 3 maybe hots and a cot if his skinny weak self is able to keep his food from being taken from him. A fraud in jail who does not and has not deserved what has been handed to him because of his willingness to be dishonest. Weak for sure but he will soon be a kept man along with the others. Game over now and they to stupid to realize it. Ana knows but won’t share honestly what she knows. She has to keep the gig going till she is carried away in cuffs.

    1. She was prolly collecting her weekly cash skim off the commissary account