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Friday, July 13, 2018

Refreshing and proud to be from Alabama

Blogger Comments:  Folks it is refreshing that the discussions and the movements by some of our highest politicians such as Governor Ivey, Senator Author Orr, Representative Treadway, Comptroller Dr. Kathleen Baxter, and many other representatives around the state see the need to stop sheriffs from skimming inmate food funds from the inmate food accounts.

The sheriffs are sobbing and talking about the hardships of being a sheriff in Alabama.  They are having to take in state prisoners because of overcrowded prisons, not to mention the federal inmates.  Folks, don't be fooled.  The sheriffs LOVE these inmates.  The more inmates in the county jail the more money the sheriff receives.  Those funds are specifically set to meet the inmates' need.  The FEDs may be interested to know that our sources tell us DeAnn Goodwin is being paid out of Federal funds.  Deann Goodwin works in the commissary in the Morgan County Jail.  

The actions were taken this week to initiate the legislation.  We need to energize our legislators that we the citizens voted into office work for us.  We the citizens must demand change.  Our sheriffs need to be reeled in.  The sheriffs have WAY too much power with little to no oversite in Alabama.  

We hear all the time that the inmates deserve to starve.  What has happened to humanity?  Being in jail is the punishment for wrongdoing, not going hungry.  Many of the people that make these ignorant comments have never been hungry; they have never lived on food such as government surplus commodities brought in to the rural communities in the 50's and 60's. Poor citizens received boxes of cheese, plain flour, peanut butter, powdered eggs, white navy beans, and other goods to help feed their families.  We can attest to being hungry and poor.  We have gone to bed hungry night after night.  Don't be small minded and ignorant.  Our jails are not concentration camps or 3rd world jails. 

In closing, sheriffs should not have to be forced into litigation to do the right things.  It is not right for sheriffs to gamble with inmate food funds by investing in used car schemes, remodeling their house, buying beach houses, horse trailers, and more.  Those monies do not belong to them. 

Orr: Statewide law needed on inmate jail food money

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John Godbey/Decatur Daily


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