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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Movement within Alabama to ban sheriffs from taking inmate food funds

Change by state comptroller could block sheriffs from pocketing food money

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Blogger Comments:  Read the entire Decatur Daily Report posted on this blog.

Folks for years many of the sheriffs in Alabama have misread the spirit of the law that allows them to partake in inmate food funds.  It is clear that the sheriff receives what the state calls warrants similar to checks.  One of the warrants is small and one is big.  The little check is one the sheriffs receives on a Form 1099 and is taxed.  The BIG warrant is the $1.75 per day used to feed inmates.

Are we to believe that the sheriffs of Alabama are so stupid that they do not know how to read legal opinions?  Well! as odd as it seems that may be the case, or is it plain and simple greed?  Blakely stopped taking leftover inmate food funds in 2010.  He did the smart thing.  He asked for a legal opinion.  We posted a copy of the legal opinion below.  

The inmate food funds under the big warrant that provides $1.75 per day to feed inmates are OFF LIMITS.  

Since nothing else works from a comprehension standpoint it will most likely take the Legislature to change the law.  

The sheriffs claim they can't release the amounts of money they have taken because of litigation.  That should be an easy fix as well.  The inmate food funds are a matter of public record.  In other words, these documents are releasable because they are considered Public Domain. 

Arthur Orr is spearheading the effort for Morgan County.  Governor Ivey is spearheading the effort from a state standpoint.  We can only hope that our political leaders do the right thing this time around.


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