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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Motions Within MCSO

If there's movement, there's life.  Folks, there's a lot of moving around and not just 'property' to the Massey VFD as a commentor said on the previous blog.   No, no.  The Chief Shifter(AKA Ana) is shuffling the deck with appointments as more of the good folks leave. 
Four of her favorites were promoted, loyal troopers that they are.  Her rule is to stay away from long-term employees and it'll pay off.   Money can't buy you love but it can buy what looks like loyalty.  We'll see.
Other rumored movements:
Zivitt is moving to the Limestone County SO. 
Richard Hamm and Brandon Caldwell have turned in their two-week notices.
Guys, it may too late.  The stink of working for Ana is hard to wash off.  You might try a combination of dish detergent and peroxide.  It works for skunks.

Getting back to Blake and the 'storage unit' in the fire house.  Could some of that be property from Warden Bradley's house, property that Judge Thompson order returned to Leon.  Bet there's some Straightline files in there too.  Anonymous, thanks for the info.  Keep up the surveillance but remember, no stalking.


  1. Massey Fire that sounds like a secure place to store evidence. Hope the feds are on this. Our tax dollars have actually been paying a deputy to do this? Disgrace resign already and take your thugs with you

  2. The sheriff's department turned over a van load of files and evidence to the Attorney General today at the courthouse.

  3. Good maybe they are getting ready to arrest Ana and gang.

  4. If you lie to a respectable judge to get search warrant it is fruit of the poisonous tree. They wanted to stop whoever was uncovering their dirty deeds. Shame on you thugs

  5. I am disgusted they have targeted innocent people who brought truth. Leon. Whistleblower. If none of this would have came to light these thugs would still be in criminal mode. Go get them Steve Marshall and Feds