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Monday, July 2, 2018

Morgan County Sheriff's Office Inventory

Folks, we are often asked how the new sheriff in town will be able to inventory all the miscellaneous equipment Sheriff Ana Franklin purchased with MCSO money.

The horses, the gear, the saddles, briddles, horse trailers, pageant gowns, horse blankets, belt buckles, embroidered attire, and more.  Folks, this is just the BS stuff that was purchased for the Posse.  Can you imagine the inventory that we don't know about?

We can only hope that when Sheriff Puckett takes office he has a forensic audit for the 8 years Ana will have been in office.



  1. Justice delayed is justice denied! It’s coming but how much damage and additional stealing is Ana and gang pretending to be law enforcement going to be allowed to do? When is something real going to happen?

  2. I think when this all comes to fruition it will blow Morgan County citizens mind what dirty deeds these corrupt folks have been really up to..