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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Morgan County Jailers

Folks, there has been no stability in the MCSO jail since Franklin took office.  For example, since January 1, 2018 - present Franklin hired 63 new employees and 56 employees left the SO.  Of those employees, many of them were from out of the county.  The jail has little to no continuity.  Of those employees hired almost half of them were from out of the county.  Franklin has a number of employees and or contract personnel driving MCSO vehicles home.  We can't help but wonder how many of those employees from out of town are driving vehicles home and have credit cards.  Such as Larry Berzett who drives his nice fancy sheriff's office vehicle to Rogersville to and from work and all around.  We also have Dee Goodwin driving one of the vehicles with a credit card as well.

These actions approved by the sheriff is costing a ton of taxpayer dollars to be used frivolously.  Another example of fraud waste and abuse of MCSO resources and tax dollars.

When will this madness end?  Franklin has been allowing vehicles to be driven out of county for years even though her own policy is that all employees must live within Morgan County.

Franklin is spending money as if it grows on trees.  She is purchasing new vehicles for her favored ones while telling the deputies no overtime, limit your travel, and ignoring their needs for new vehicles. 

Fraud, waste, and abuse alert.


  1. Is Steenson still in jail?
    He’s not shown on Limestone/Morgan Co’s inmate listings

    1. You will know as soon as he gets out. Just look for the pecan circle remarks. Wonder if he made any friends in the pen?

  2. MCSO office in bad shape. I'm sure Puckett will do a fine job. Ana and her big wig attornies won't go down without a fight and large sums of money to protect a thief

  3. Is everyone enjoying how transparent honest available and upstanding Ana Franklin is now?

  4. Every pound of Ana is full of crap. That’s a plethora of crap. She actually thinks she will escape federal prison. Larry Berzett is more arrogant and stupid than Ana is pound for pound full of crap. Cowboy and Ron Livingston think they will not only remain free from federal prison but employees of the Sheriffs Office. How incredibly moronic are they? They all better be getting their affairs in order for a long term guest services in the federal pen. Being is they played law enforcement for a short time it’s highly likely they won’t get their Federal room service here in Alabama. This game of lies by Ana and thugs is almost over.
    Is everyone enjoying how transparent honest available and upstanding Ana Franklin is now?
    What a con artist she is just like her cousin / felon / business partner and coconspirator Greg Steenson. What about Bell and her promotion with all her dope background and limited knowledge of the jail. More favors before Ana gets out? Wonder if Bell cut Ana a break on all the dope supplied to Ana and her family? Bell and her dope dealing family fit right in and made dope sales in the jail easier than ever. Sgt. Doper Bell a short lived congratulations as you need to pack up also.