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Friday, July 27, 2018

Massey Fire Department and more

Folks, we placed a call to the Massey Fire Department but did not receive a callback.  We would like to ask Fire Chief Mr. Laney why he allowed Blake Robinson to move into the fire department w/sheriff's office equipment.

Surely, Sheriff Ana Franklin would never allow Robinson to move into the fire department with sheriff's office computers, files cabinets, and their vacation boats and a jet ski.  Wow! What a combination.

Didn't sheriff Franklin say that Warden Bradley had office files at home and that was one of the reasons she raided his house?  Why hasn't the Massey Fire Department been raided to seize the sheriff's office equipment?

Rumor has it that Franklin was ordered to turn over the evidence she used against Warden Bradley.  So why was Blake in the sheriff's office copying hundreds to thousands of documents?  Shouldn't Sheriff Ana aka Mama Ana be turning over the warden's personal computers, cameras, videos, CD's, and his office computer instead of thousands of documents?  Didn't Bones Wilson claim he had all the evidence in his office secured?  What about turning over Bradley's office computer?  We also hear that Franklin did a little grandstanding.

Maybe Warden Bradley's property ended up in the creek.  Maybe that is why Steenson was standing by the creek when the divers went in the creek between Hartselle and Decatur.  Maybe Steenson and Steven Ziaja rolled on Ana, Bones, Blake, Powell, and others.

Ana doesn't care.  Our sources tell us that Ana does not believe she will spend any time in jail even if she is impeached.  Hey! Ana what about your buddies?  What's going to happen to them?  Remember the ones who have been so loyal to you that they sit and watch to see who visited the FBI?  The problem is Franklin sits around like the Queen of Shiba and these yo yo's who catered to her, they probably face time while Ana dances all the way to Saraland.

You could almost feel sorry for the dumb schmucks except that they deserve all they get and more.  Just think.  These people are law enforcement officers.  If they go to jail they can expect to spend 23 hours a day in solitary confinement.  That's good.  They will have time to reflect.  The only problem is these folks do not believe they will suffer any justice.  They apparently believe the worst that will happen to them is that they will never be able to work in law enforcement again.  Is that what they believe they did?  Work in law enforcement?  There is nothing about law enforcement these folks did.  They are corrupt dirty cops who wallowed in poop.  They left the honorable deputies, clerks, and jailers to hold the sheriff's office together like a band-aid over a gaping wound.

The sheriff recently promoted some of her cronies thinking that she will let Sheriff Puckett suffer the consequences.  The same way she is said to have offered him the opportunity to come in and train with her.  Train my behind.  What ropes does Franklin want to show Puckett?  Hasn't she done enough?  We also hear that Berzett is no longer wearing his cowboy gear and that Livingston is trying to find inventory such as lost weapons.

There is no way that the sheriff's office can recoup all the losses.  They will have cowgirl pageant dresses, horse blankets, saddles, horse trailers, horses, and Lord only knows what else.  The sheriff's office will need to have a large yard sale.  Check the books, Sheriff Puckett.  You will be surprised at the inventory you have that you probably don't want.

We also heard that Dee Goodwin is being paid out of the Federal Inmate funds.  Check it out.

We have seen a lot of corruption over the past few years.  Corruption, lies, retaliation, and disgusting conduct from those in positions of power are sticking their ugly little heads up every day.  What we must do is rise above these low-lifes and let them wallow where own poop along with those who initiated the poop, to begin with.  Venom and retaliation seep from their pores.  Their Dolly Parton wigs become disheveled and ugly along with the words they utter to others.

Take the high road.  The cesspool in Alabama is big enough for all of those public officials in Alabama to wallow in.  Let them.


  1. Great post. Go get them Feds and State

  2. I would be livid if I was Leon. Thief thugs invading his privacy like that and no equipment returned. Something smells beyond bad

  3. The games lies deceit and scheming of Ana and her gang are almost at an end as all of this is abruptly going to be stopped by a prison break for these morons. They are causing more damage everyday right now.

  4. Ana would not know honesty if it bit her on her posterior or any other part.

  5. When is it going to end with these damn crooks???

  6. How can they store things at Massey Fire Dept. Looks like that would be against the law...whatever that is in Morgan County right now. I sure hope Mr. Puckett can get that mess cleaned, and run a clean and fair office. Lord knows we need it.