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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Looking Back

Folks looking back it seems as if the blog has been up and running for years.  In reality, the blog has been operational for 2 years and 9 months.  We understand that a lot of you are frustrated and lost all hope. 

We do not believe that is the case.  We believe that ole Ana, Bones, Blake, Powell, Billable Barney, and many of the others hope just like old soldiers, we'll just fade away so will their problems.  Look! The problems that these folks are facing is real.  Can you imagine if we did what they have done that we would still be walking around?  Heck no. 

The sheriff has for years played on the beach, paid for travel for all her goons, spent more time at the rodeos that in her office,  purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars in rodeo equipment, gear, horses, horse trailers, trucks and more    At one point she claimed that she was in School Resource Officer training when she damn near killed a man and his wife in South Alabama.

We have long since given up on trying to understand the madness behind Franklin's lack of leadership, fraud, waste, and abuse, using posse funds for everything but the special needs and enhancement of the sheriff's office. 

To compare Franklin to any of the previous sheriffs in Morgan County is ridiculous.  We hope that Franklin was an anomaly, some weird DNA experiment that went wrong, that they broke the mold BEFORE she was poured.  Something that would explain her actions.   

One thing that really got our attention was Franklin's refusal to allow inmate medications prescribed by physicians for the mentally ill.  That's as sorry as sorry comes.  What if Franklin was bipolar, paranoid schizophrenic, schizoid,  or some other mental disease?  Can you imagine dealing with that or any loved one who is taken off their medication?  What happens when the person gets out of jail?  No medications for months or days.  No ability to see a physician, nobody who cares, and you feel hopeless.  There is a special place in hell for those who ignore the needs of the mentally ill.  Those who do not feed and ensure proper nutritional needs, adequate medical care.  Oh! Yes.  These are heinous crimes that no establishment should get away with.

These may sound small minded but hey whoever said that we were rocket scientists?   Sheriff Ana Franklin and every other sheriff in the State who has mistreated inmates, taken inmate food funds for their own personal gain, should sit in the jail that they ran and be forced to eat the food, or demand medical treatment for any simple condition.  Let's see how they like it.

It's sad to think that humanity has come to this; that we no longer care about those who cannot control what happens to them.  Are these people so greedy and feel that have been deprived of wealth and this is there opportunity to take what they want?  Well, let's face it.  How many people believe inmates?  We have seen a lot of great deputies, city police officers, jailers, and others who have compassion for those in jail.  We know of jailers who helped feed the inmates at the height of Franklin's reign and rape of the inmate food funds.

We do not feel the least bit sorry for Franklin and her trusted ones.  If/when they are indicted it will be well deserved.  Franklin may never spend a day in jail but she has caused herself enough disgrace to last her for many years to come.

We are all only humanly capable of making many mistakes throughout our life.  God gave us a deep sense between right and wrong.  We go through trials and we are tempted.  We go through the lessons.  During the lessons in life, we stay in those lessons until we learn from them and then we move on to the next lesson but dang.  When are these miscreants going to learn and move on?

These folks followed the leader and the leader led them astray.  Yet they stayed.  They admitted some of their guilt in Judge Thompson's courtroom.  Just enough to make them look like idiots.   With a little help from honest law enforcement that knew Ana and her followers were dirty cops.  The good cops stood up to them.  Now all Franklin and her spring butts know how to say is I'll take the fifth.  Lot's of fifths going around.  Matter of fact hundreds of them.  Good thing it's not a fifth of vodka.  None of them would be able to stand.


  1. Thank you whistleblower for exposing corruption. You made a difference

  2. Good to see folks like Zach Dockery...Brewer stand up. Her days should be numbered for the path of thievery and destruction they have caused several

  3. So when is all this going to end? She sheriff is still walking around free. Why are we as tax payers paying for Blake Robinson to take flying lessons and get his pilots license? How crazy is this. This will cost tax payers almost 20k. Starting to wonder if anything is ever going to happen to them.

  4. He started out as a ranger want to be cop. He has sucked up to the wrong Sheriff. I thought he may have more sense than that

  5. Please don't tell me Blake will be flying a plane. Maybe he should be flying it over Massey fire dept. Where secure confidential files were. Country thieving bumpkin thieving felons need to pack it up and be gone.

  6. Can this mess get ant worse...prayers for Blake. You drank the wrong koolaid

  7. These thieving dog killing over time thugs who never worked overtime. Bones...pls. Your over time has been mighty excessive. Mama Ana taking care of you.

    1. Bones is boning Ana again. Ana has a side man or six.

  8. The wheels of justice turn slow but they are still turning. Have faith

  9. Ugh that comment about Ana and Bones churned my stomach. Free rent free ride. Free overtime. Can't get much better. Free ride.

  10. Wow proud of Alabama finally bringing down corruption of those padding pockets and ditching irs on profits. Sound familiar Sheriff.

  11. Bones better have a 2 × 4 strapped to his ass. That has been everywhere. You may fall in