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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Local Economy Showing Promise

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Local economy showing promise

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Folks, please take the time to read the daily.  We folks in Morgan County are happy that our growth is slowly coming back.  With the growth in the industry comes new citizens moving into our county that has always been sluggish.  It helps that we are no longer being portrayed as the METH capital of Alabama.  

It's time to rebuild our county.  We have in place a Governor and a State Attorney General with a new vision.  White collar crime is being addressed and will be dealt with.  

People care.  When moving to a new area folks research the areas surrounding their projected move.  We want to put on the right face for our community.  A community the local folks are proud of.  We have always been proud of our community which will continue to grow.  

Stand proud Morgan County along with all of our metropolitan cities.  Speaking of which the Decatur Police Chief, Nate Allen just added five new recruits.  

New officers join Decatur police in pinning ceremony

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