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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Is Sheriff Todd Entrekin, Etowah County Sheriffs Office really shocked?

Blogger Comments:  Surely Sheriff Entrekin isn't shocked about being under investigation for taking excessive amounts of public funds to pad his pockets and build his beach house.  We are pretty sure he is in good company.  His buddy Sheriff Ana Franklin should be able to help him through the red tape involved in the investigation.  Dang! To hear her tell it shes got this thing aced.

These folks need to call BR549 for assistance.

'Beach House Sheriff' under federal, state investigation over jail food money


  1. Lock all corrupt Sheriffs up for not producing records of stealing. Start with Sheriff of Morgan County who never comes to work

  2. Screwed respectable Leon Bradley and several other honest folks. Shame on you and your thugs

  3. These sheriffs think what one doesn't know, it won't hurt them. You all should know... After the fact when dark comes to hurts. It is actually a beakin for corruption. It. Will. Hurt. Us. All.