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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Inmate Food Funds

Blogger Comments:  Folks, it is very simple.  The Governor can only do as much as she can do to stop sheriffs from pocketing inmate food funds.  It's up to the legislators to change the law or do what Senator Author Orr did and get the bill on the ballot for Morgan Countians to vote on this fall.   It is time for our legislators get off their butts and take the bull by the horns and make some much needed changes.  The Governor has paved the way.  Senator Orr paved the way for our county and we greatly appreciate it.  We vote the legislators in and we can vote them out.  

We must congratulate Sheriff Ana Franklin for opening the door to the inmate food fund issues nationwide.  Because of Sheriff Franklin's abuse of inmate food funds, 49 sheriffs are asked to release the amount of inmate food funds they pocketed or face the courts for possible disclosure.  Alabama Code 1975 clearly identifies the funds as releasable to the public.  Just because these funds are releasable to the sheriff personally doesn't mean the public doesn't have a right to know the amount of funds the sheriff receives from the account.  

It is time to stop splitting hairs and get on with business in the state of Alabama.  It is clear that the public is sick and tired of these sheriffs who take inmate food funds because the sheriffs are not getting re-elected.  

The sheriffs have a huge responsibility to ensure their jail is safe for the jailers and the inmates.  They have a legal and moral obligation to feed the inmates nutritional meals.  Jail is the punishment for the crimes not less than adequate nutritional meals.  

Sheriff Franklin declined to comment until she has more information on the scope of Ivey's decision. Well! Its about time the sheriff kept her mouth shut.  Especially after her foolish lies and attempts to fool the citizens of Morgan County about where she got the money to invest in a used car lot.  

Governor: Some jail food funds no longer payable to sheriffs personally

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