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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hazardous Duty For Jailers? Why not!

Folks, in case you missed this article.....

Limestone sheriff asking for hazardous duty pay hike for jail staff

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  • "For the job they do, they deserve it," said Sheriff Mike Blakely. “We probably have the best-run facility in the state of Alabama.”
    He's requesting an increase in hazardous duty pay from $50 a month to $150 a month for each jailer and supervisor for the 2019 fiscal year. That's separate of their regular pay.
  • No one questions that dealing with guys who have nothing to do all day except thinking of mischief or worse is hard work.   The general population is not made up of model citizens.  The jails are crowded, the inmates are bored, the staff is outnumbered.   And worst of all, it's continuous.  Hazardous duty pay is common in military and para-military organizations (paratroopers, SWAT teams, etc).   Good luck to Sheriff Blakely.
  • Now in Morgan County, the situation is worse.  Jailers make less than $12 an hour.   Blakely's jailers make over $15.   Our jail is a shambles of disorganization, inept leadership, uncaring sheriff, and morale lower than whale poop.  Investigations, lawsuits, a busted budget.  Hazardous duty pay is just a pipedream but for God's sake, how about a decent base pay?
  • Read the whole article.   The conditions our jailers face are the same that Blakely's people face.  They deserve better.  Morgan County Jail deserves better pay, new management, and all of this will take a total sweep of the jail to get rid of the riffraff such as Berzett who we hear makes the situation between the jailers and the inmates far worse than it needs to be. 


  1. I think that is great. Ana has never done squat for her employees except for few follower cronies.

  2. We can thank our Get Stupid on Crime folk for overcrowding the prisons.


  3. MC has never received hazard pay, if I'm wrong please show me.