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Monday, July 30, 2018

Celebrating National Whistleblowers Day

Celebrating a more Open and Just society  Recognizing the Courage of Whistleblowers 

"With their words and actions, leaders have to make clear that whistleblowers are important and retaliation is not tolerated."
- Senator Grassley

On July 30th, 1778, our Founding Fathers unanimously passed America's first Whistleblower Protection Law.  This visionary action, taken during the height of the American Revolution, stands today as a testament to the importance of whistleblowing in our history.

We must remember how our Founding Fathers stood up to defend whistleblowers and demand that our current leaders follow this tradition, support and honor the sacrifices whistleblowers have endured, and ensure that our nation's laws  protect these heroes.

The momentum to support whistleblowers has never been stronger. With both the formation of the Senate Whistleblower Protection Caucus and the historic first congressional celebration of whistleblowers recently behind us, the time to push for national recognition of whistleblowers is now.

We invite you to join us in that effort by donating, signing a petition, or joining the National Whistleblower Center's action alert list.


  1. Yah Whistle Blowers!! You deserve recognition for your courage. They should make it a holiday. Whatcha think Ana and cronies?

  2. Love the video. This is what all the Morgan Sheriffs Office will be doing when the ball drops!

  3. That's some funny shit