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Monday, July 9, 2018

Beefing up or Mousing Up

Folks, we hear that Blake who wants to take the FBI on the sheriff's office steps is mousing up those muscles.

In truth, Ana and crew believe they are about to get a major slap on the wrist and will never be allowed to work as law enforcement officers again.  That sounds good to us. 

We have been waiting for years for a new beginning. 

Ana's confidence is staggering.  This is exactly how she acted when she had big Luther behind her.

We have all heard the stories of her bragging that she would never be arrested in Alabama.  She hasn't.  She did play a major part in the Leon Bradley scheme.  These folks were so confident when they came into court they kept talking about their notes.  We didn't see the "notes or their timeline" but the state and Warden Bradley's attorneys did.  It may have been enlightening if Blake had been if the courts had allowed a recess for Blake to pick up his timeline (script) as well.  One thing is certain.  Ana, Blake, and Powell could not shut up ratting themselves out. 

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  1. Blake has said several times he will never be arrested he even tells his wife there is nothing to worry about. For the past 24 hr no one has been home at Blake's house that new police truck has been gone wonder what hes up to ?? He has all his neighbors fooled over here on west Lacon ....not me