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Sunday, June 10, 2018

We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

Folks, it does not matter at this point if our political officials are democrat or republican.  We have seen across the nation both sides committing corruption, hands in the cookie jar, and sexual misconduct.  It is, however, fair to say that Alabama is a Republican state and we believe we ain't seen nothing yet.  

The key at this point is to rid our state of the corrupt Republican and or Democrat elected officials that's been swimming in the Alabama swamp.

We believe that right now is the quiet before the storm.  We didn't hear a lot of boohooing when the Sumpter County Sheriff a Democrat was indicted for corruption.  We shouldn't hear a lot of it when it is one of our own party.  The bottom line for these folks is to run your office with dignity and honor.  We have folks in public office right here in Morgan County who made it their goal to get rich off of the State, Federal, and County.  Using resources and funds that did not belong to them to pad their pockets.  Those officials are republican.  

We have one of the most corrupt sheriffs in Alabama history sitting right here in Morgan County as we speak or in Saraland where the heat isn't so bad waiting to see what happens next.  We have the sheriff's band of criminal deputies that are not worthy of wearing the badge who followed this sheriff through thick and thin.  We have another band who are still in the sheriff's office that must believe in their minds that they were doing their best to keep the sheriff's office together.  

We have another group of employees that has truly held the sheriff's office together somehow with nothing but pure determination and willpower.  Those employees names may never be mentioned.  They are the hardworking deputies, clerks, corrections officers, and maybe one staff member that has tried to make a difference.

We have an opportunity at a fresh start it is our choice how we handle this new beginning.  People complain to us on a daily basis that nothing is going to happen and these people will continue doing what they are doing.  We believe that Ana, Bones, Blake, Justin, and others believe they will never be indicted.  Folks, we believe they believe that.  We hope they continue to believe that.  There is nothing like the element of surprise.  This will change in our county and across the state.  It won't be overnight.  It may not be in three months or even six months but we will see change.

We have not been swayed at all in believing that change is coming.  We hope for your patience. 

Arrest of second Morgan lawmaker described as ‘embarrassing,’ not reflective of area


  1. There are 2 main parties in Alabama. Republicans and Republicrats.


  2. The news stations need to go on Ana’s Facebook page day of election. Hilarious shit. She posts a page of blah blah blah when her ass is going to the fed pen. Good luck Ana Banana

  3. She wants to make sure she has all covered. She don’t have shit covered there are hundreds of thousands of dollars and Captain Kangaroo standing by her side. How is Saraland working out

  4. She had it all covered. She got rich and will walk away with it all since she did not run. No one believed she had it covered but it’s obvious she did or the arrest would have happened. No one is going to jail. It is all a bunch of fake news and concocted crap on here. Ana will walk away sitting fat dumb and happy.

  5. I would beg to differ on the above comment. I believe she will be held accountable.

    1. I agree. I will add, if she is not held accountable, we have a serious problem.