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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Tick Tock

Folks, it's just a matter of time before we start a new beginning.  We will have a few new public officials.  We will begin a new chapter for Morgan County.  We need to all come together for a better life in our county.  

We pray that this 7 1/2 year lesson that we have gone through with Sheriff Ana Franklin will soon be over.  We have gone through our battles since July 2011.  Many of you folks have gone through a lot of the same or more..

No law enforcement officer has the right to do the things that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Robert Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell have done to support their agenda.

We still have people today including lawyers using information from seized hard drives and computers to their advantage.  This after an in-depth hearing that revealed that Sheriff Ana Franklin and her thieves are guilty.  They are guilty of trying to destroy Warden Bradley and the whistleblower.  So! Why are the whistleblower files and the Bradley files being used?

We are very proud of our users and the information that comes in that alerts us of nefarious activity surrounding the whistleblowers.  We have put our selves in a position to speak the truth to the citizens of Morgan County.  We did not expect those in positions of power to try to use the fruits of the poisonous tree.

Please wait patiently for the system to work.  All persons should be afforded due process and adjudication of their issues.  It's hard for the whistleblowers to feel this way.  So many years lost and a son lost are overwhelming.  

Our Lord throughout the years provides us with lessons.  These lessons are preparing us for life.  Once we learn a lesson we travel on to the next plateau in life.  No matter how many years we live we each go through the lessons of life individually and created by God.

It's time to let the judicial system work.  We have heard from so many people that nothing will ever be done to stop Sheriff Ana Franklin.  We have always been believers in the system.  We cannot believe that all law enforcement is bad.  What kind of system would that be?  Our judicial systems are not perfect but it is the best system in the world.  

We have seen first hand how well the judicial system works in the State of Alabama and specifically Morgan County.  Judge Thompson nailed it.

Something that gravely disturbed me is how law enforcement officers or any person could swear before God, to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth and then lie their butts off. 

There are things in life we may never understand.  We are, however, grateful for the support of the public in our endeavor to inform the public.  It is hard to believe that we started the blog in October 2015 and that we have achieved so much.  Not just us.  We the citizens who were willing to make a difference.  So much hard work has gone into the corruption scandal from those who never seek recognition and rarely get it for their good deeds.  

Slaying dragons is a long tedious process.  We become so used to those who claim to spend a month on a difficult investigation before bringing it to a head.  Many investigations go on for many years such as the case of Rod Blagojevich. President Trump is considering a pardon for him which concerns us that Illinois politicians will never learn their lessons if we do not punish the criminal politicians the way we punish the everyday citizens. 


  1. Folks we fixing to fry fat girl in molasses and her little pig skin buddies sweet taste of karma smell that smell

  2. I just read the Daily. Mr. Decatur Daily new paper I was with Officer Childers when you called him for a comment and he told you he couldn't talk politics on duty. Why didn't you just say that?

    1. That is a load of BS! D Daily is so biased and one-sided it is disgusting.