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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Take that for failing to feed the inmates

Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin loses GOP primary, concedes to opponent


  1. Hallelujah...The wheels of corruption are falling off. One by one, several more to go.

  2. Wonder if he is going to retire at his huge beach house paid for by taxpayers...

    1. I doubt that will be possible since he wont be able to steal money to pay the property taxes and upkeep.

  3. I do not care if your defense is: The law allowed me too.

    Because I damn well know your parents taught you better.

    You shouldn't need it to be written in stone in order for your moral compass to say it's wrong.

    Quit embarrassing your family.

    Quit blaming everyone else.

    Quit lying, stealing, and cheating.

    And for God's sake and ours, stop defending yourself like you're innocent.

    You can't be a testy bitch on the stand and run your mouth like your high and mighty and your shit doesn't stink,(although the stench factor is highly notable to everyone but you.)
    And than...turn around and plead the fifth.

    Oh and by the way...more than two people unintentionally, but with your enthusiasm and cockiness destroyed your story.

    You suck at lying