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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Spending Spree

Folks, it sounds like Sheriff Franklin has gone on a spending spree for all of her loyal thieftums.  It is troubling that Franklin would waste money on new vehicles for those who should be in jail while the hard-working men and women of the MCSO are driving vehicles that are falling apart.  Not to mention the lack of training and education, and much-needed equipment that hasn't been purchased.

What can you say?  The more things within the sheriff's office change the more they stay the same. 

According to our sources, none of the thugs within Franklin's circle is the least bit worried about the outcome of their situation. 

Are we to believe that all of the folks that have spoken up and reported the sheriff and her thieftums are liars?  Or we just misunderstood the sheriff's intentions?  That the sheriff didn't understand right from wrong?  Are we to believe that Billable Barney Lovelace was in the dark for the past 7 1/2 years that he represented the sheriff?

Folks, something has to give.  The folks we have blogged about since October 2015 are criminals.  Not just common criminals.  They are criminals with a badge, they are elected officials, they are information technology specialists hand picked by the sheriff. 

Our county cannot begin to heal without getting these people out of office.  Lock'em up.  Treat them the way they have treated the citizens of this county.  We look forward to our travels to Montgomery to sit in on the Steven Ziaja hearing.  Steven had every opportunity to do right.  He came from a good family and his family left him with all of their worldly possessions which were considerable.  He had no need to become greedy.  He had a beautiful wife.  He gave everything thing up for the likes of Ana.  Look what it got him.  Hey! Steven is a big boy.  He made the choice to become what he is today.  A common criminal.

When we look back at these folks, many of them have families.  Young families.  Families that need both parents.  Why would they give it up all for nothing?


  1. I wonder how these clowns would feel about civil asset forfeiture if the feds came and took these vehicles tomorrow.


    1. How about the fact that they can't locate half of the equipment purchased with state and federal forfeiture funds. Adecca needs to do an audit because there is so much missing and some in Livingston garage at his house. Someone call Randy Ray or Tom Goree and asked for an audit for MCDTF. They can't pass and would have to pay back so much $$$ because of it.


  2. They have become accustomed to stealing. All the equipment at Livingston’s place was moved there by inmates for the most part. A greedy man who should be retired and not in law enforcement. Has he arrested anyone in the time he has been at the Sheriffs Office? He likely does not even know how. Useless Greedy waste himself.