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Friday, June 1, 2018

Not to mention

Folks, don't forget that Fredricks was big buddies with Sheriff Ana Franklin and Steven Ziaja as well supported them up to the very end.  Hopefully, Ziaja has turned the tables on Ana.  Do we really want to take the chance?  Parker Moore is the right man for the position.  Let's bring back honesty and integrity to Morgan County.  Let's make Morgan County a proud county again.  Let's rebuild confidence in our representatives.  Let's bring citizens back into Morgan County.


Moore calls out primary opponent Fredricks for 2012 tweet about suicide

Tom Fredricks

    • Parker Moore

    By Mary Sell Montgomery Bureau
MONTGOMERY — State Rep. Parker Moore says his opponent in next week’s GOP primary should apologize for a 6-year-old social media message about suicide.
Tom Fredricks in 2012 tweeted “Thinks people who attempt suicide and fail should try harder! #attentionwh----.”


  1. That video Fredericks put out of them covering Parker's sign with their sign is unbelievable. Who does he think he is? Did he seriously think that would gain him votes? He would never get my vote!

  2. What an ugly comment Mr. Fredricks. You sir sound ignorant. Your back peddling was even worse. You're one of the biggest bull shitters I have ever been a witness too.

  3. Fredericks just shows what's wrong with the GOP. Buddies up with people like Roy Moore, Ana, Trump, etc. and puts party before the people.


  4. Yes he sounds just stupid!!!!!!

  5. And here we have a man who has no understanding about depression and mental illness because he lives in a bubble like his close friends. He will support the military, but not when they come home and struggle. When they fail at suicide, he even critizes and bullies them. But, he has brotherly love for Ziaja and Ana. It's all about being a mason didn't you hear? He will protect the corrupt and slam those who can't do suicide right! I mean forget compassion and silent screams for help. Fredrick's will continue to kick you in the dirt and call you an attention whore. Yet, he runs campaign parties like he's changing his underwear and boasts of his good deeds to be elected. #willtherealattentionwhorepleasestandup