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Friday, June 15, 2018

Lawsuit: Death caused by poor health care at Morgan jail, By Eric Fleischauer Metro Editor Jun 15, 2018 Updated 9 hrs

Folks, Mr. Vanuelas Nicholas Martinez case is a very sad one.  Mr. Martinez remained in jail for approximately 7 years moving between jail and hospitals.  Yet, nobody realized how sick he was.

The whistleblower is accused of maintaining documents belonging to Martinez illegally.  Which is a lie and not just a lie, it's a big fat lie.  During Franklin's decision to hire and blackmail an informant to gain access to the whistleblower's office before obtaining a search warrant Mr. Martinez file was lying on the whistleblower's desk.  Along with his green card and medical records that were given to me by Mr Martinez" sister.  Those documents and others that pertained to the Martinez case were seized. 

It is a darn shame that Franklin and her corrupt goons thought they were above the law and illegally obtained these documents as well as others in the whistleblower's possession.  Unlike Sheriff Franklin, the whistleblower did not have to illegally go into Mrs. Contrerez house and obtain sensitive documents illegally.

Loss of life is tragic in all families.  We know first hand.  Nobody won in the Martinez case.  Since Mr. Martinez was charged but not convicted the charges are moot at this point.


  1. That's just it. The "evidence" Ana took from your office wasn't essential in a case against you. It was evidence against her. Wonder how many documents survived before getting into the courts hands.

  2. Evidence that Ana will never have see the light of day despite court orders to maintain it.

  3. I’m pretty sure Ana banana has a few more issues heading her way.

  4. She has an unbelievable way of convincing people she is telling truth. That shit flew out the window the day you took office and devised your perfect plan. Steenson Bones Ziaja good honest plan

  5. I did not know Steenson was involved. Her exact words to daily. Had I known the history I would have thought twice. You lying ass he is your cuz cuz who gave you 1500 towards your campaign. Your ponzu scheme failed. Now y’all have to face the music. Don’t drop the soap