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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

It isn't what you know that matters in the MCSO - It's who you know and who you are related to...

Sheriff Franklin claims she is ill and been ill for a long time.  She can't or doesn't trust her staff.  That is what's left of them.  Franklin is said to be frustrated, so frustrated in fact she wants to run over Booger with a bush hog.

According to our sources,, Franklin has been making cameo appearances but for all intents and purpose, Larry Berzett is running the MCSO now.  Wait! Hasn't he been doing that since being hired?

We hear he recently re-hired his granddaughter Alexandria Berzett as a dispatcher.  We reported a couple of years ago when Ms. Berzett used the NCIC database to check up on her baby's daddy.  Maybe she has learned her lesson.  We kinda doubt it.  Things being what they are in the Sheriffs Office.

We have also heard that there is a chill going through the sheriff's office for those who have been willing to tell all.  We would like to say that all things will pass.  Things are passing slowly for the county but at some point, there will be an end to the corruption.

Ana and her goons are definitely in spin mode.

Now! The rest of the story.  If you recall we reported Alex Berzett a couple of years back for misuse of the NCIC database.  Our sources tell us that it has happened again.  If that is true these actions are considered felony actions and should not be tolerated.  Many of the folks that worked for the MCSO have been fired for far less than the misuse of a Federal System. 

If we recall correctly the last time Ms. Berzett received a two week suspension w/pay and was forced to ride alongside Blake Robinson on patrol.  Wow! that must have been a harsh punishment to be required to ride around with one of Ana's sidekicks. 

We are sure the full details will eventually come out and we will report them. 


  1. Is there anything illegal that this sheriff's office won't do. I have never seen anything like it.

    1. Knowing the law and abiding by it are two completely different things.

  2. She grew up a red neck. Had power over lotsa money. What's a red neck supposed to do. Illegal or not I'm gonna pad my pockets

  3. She is prolly saying there ain't no dam way I'm gonna go back to changing a tire on my house. Cover me guys.