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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Good Luck Candidates

Folks, no matter who your candidate is this political season it is very important that you vote.  We can't complain about the outcome of an election unless we take the time to vote.

Tommy Battles - Governor

Jacob Roberts - District Judge

Darrell Childers - Sheriff  Morgan 

Steve Marshall - State Attorney General

Mo Brooks - U.S. Representative 5th Congressional District

Good Luck Parker Moore District 4

Scott Stadhagen - Step Representative Distirct 9 


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    1. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  2. Quick, which candidate am I describing?

    Pro Life
    Family Values
    Pro 2nd Amendment
    Supports Donald Trump
    Supports Education
    Business Owner
    Against Tax Increases
    Against Sanctuary Cities
    For Economic Development
    For Workforce Development

    If you answered "Every effing candidate running as a Republican" you win! Seriously guys, try to stand out just a LITTLE bit? Please?


  3. Regarding Fredricks:

    And here we have a man who has no understanding about depression and mental illness because he lives in a bubble like his close friends. He will support the military, but not when they come home and struggle. When they fail at suicide, he even critizes and bullies them. But, he has brotherly love for Ziaja and Ana. It's all about being a mason didn't you hear? He will protect the corrupt and slam those who can't do suicide right! I mean forget compassion and silent screams for help. Fredrick's will continue to kick you in the dirt and call you an attention whore. Yet, he runs campaign parties like he's changing his underwear and boasts of his good deeds to be elected. #willtherealattentionwhorepleasestandup

  4. I told y'all my uncle Ron Puckett was gonna be the next Sheriff. Caveat said it would be a run off.....if was a run off.. the voters run him off lol.i know 4 people that will definitely be unemployed come next January. One female and 3 males.they deserve every thing coming to them. and going to jail soon. Congratulations Sheriff Puckett

  5. Randy caveat can take his sro plan and try again later on if he ain't to old

  6. Looks like the Etowah County beachhouse sheriff was defeated soundly tonight. Good to see we aren't the only ones fed up with corruption within law enforcement.


  7. Puckett is a great man. I hope Darrel Childers will work with him. This would be an outstanding partnership. Because Darrel is a great man. I want to see these gentleman work together. It would humble me. Please consider it gentlemen!

  8. As a citizen... I would love to see Childers and Puckett on the same team. Outstanding men that know the back ground and can make sure morgan county will be great again.

  9. Yes both are great guys and great law enforcement. Does cavnar feel like the sheriffs job was taken from him again?

  10. I think Pucket will be good as well and I also think Childers would be a good addition to his team. I hope a position is extended and accepted, you can't have to many good ppl trying to Bring sun back to that office with a dark cloud hanging over it. There are so many that need to be removed because even if they change the way of doing things they have lost all employees and the publics respect on them doing the right thing. Wilson, Robinson, Berzett, Livingston, Sullivan,and Powell have lied in court, stole time and money either from the office or used it for personal gain and should be terminated. There are a few more but these are the most corrupt group that try to hide and cover things that they have did up. 6 months and a new administration with new ppl and new ways of working will be here. To the majority of the employees it can't come soon enough. The next 6 months the ppl I have named will be blowing all money in the accounts left and right. There is light at the end of the tunnel work peeps hang in there.